Refusing the Future: Repost from other Blog

Just a blast from the not so distant past. I will be revisiting my old blog posts for those of you who weren’t around for my previous blog. I now present to you: Refusing The Future

Has anyone ever asked you, so what do you want to do when you
a)Grow up
b)Finish your degree
c)When you finish this job
d)Get home because I wanna go for a bite to eat.
Well if you’re under 30, I am sure you’ve heard those questions before, and possibly often (maybe d wasn’t necessary for there but having 3 options isn’t as entertaining as 4, emerging research suggests) and I, being under 30, can safely say I have heard those questions, just today actually.

For those STILL not in the know, I have been temping in government for a bit this summer so I’ve been somewhat busy, not much unlike last summer when I temped in government. (Don’t you just love how temp the abbreviation of temporary is not only being used as a full word on its own, but also being conjugated as though it were a verb?) At any rate, since I know most of these people and have known them for almost all my life and though none of them have directly assisted in me making it to the almost ripe youngish age I am, each feels as though they have personal stake in my future. Now this is where things get tricky. How does one politely tell someone “Please fuck off.” When all they’re doing is giving a shit. I mean, yes it’s intrusive, but it’s not detrimental to my health so I weigh the pros and cons and they balance too well to do anything.
Luckily, I have developed a speech which I have mastered for the eventuality of having been asked the infamous “rest of your life” question.

“Well, (feigning deep thought) I have a few things I would like to do but depending on what happens, I’ll either go further into my music during my final year and if that fails, I’ll do my Master’s in International Business focusing on Research and Development, then start a consultancy company and branching out to do artist management and even a small label in Barbados.”

Now if that doesn’t sound rehearsed to you, I swear you must think people often break into dance routines in the middle of the street, and if you break out in song, at least 5 other people will know the words even if you make them up as you go along. But I digress.

This brings us to the meat of the matter. I really do not intend on doing a Master’s anytime soon, possibly in general. My passion is entertainment: Singing, Song writing, Producing, Satire writing, fashion, reporting etc, basically anything with a camera, microphone or combination. Working in an office albeit safe and whatever, is not conducive to my personality type: That is I actually have one, and for those of you who know me, I have a very high octane personality, sitting behind a desk shall never work. Doing it now is proving to be a shock to my system and I now sniffle the day through. Either that or the a/c really needs cleaning. I’ll stick with being allergic to work, sounds hotter.

At any rate, any suggestions at how I can delay having to work? Preferably
a)A record deal as a singer/songwriter
b)Writing for a comedy show on a major network
c)Entertainment reporting
d)A wealthy benefactor.
Hit me up with your offers.


One Response to Refusing the Future: Repost from other Blog

  1. iisnoone says:

    The only way to avoid work and stay happy is to do something that you like for money.

    The two problems are:
    1. finding out what you like
    2. getting paid for it

    A more practical solution is to get a government job.

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