Hypocrisy: the name of the game

Pardon me if I come across as being judgmental, but there are very few things which annoy me more than hypocrisy. Be it governmental officials and policies or bible waving holier than thou born again cushions. Don’t get me wrong, I do not like to question the faith of others because my belief is that such a thing is a personal one. You should not have to prove your Christianity to anyone, however, you can’t say A without saying B. If you (would be christian) goes up to someone (viewed as a non-christian) and begin what can only be classified as a holy tirade then you have just put yourself out for criticism and then and only then will I make it my point to call you out on your hypocrisy.

Where is all of this coming from? (You might ask) Let me tell you: There are a plethora of religious based organisations in Barbados, from the ISCF/UCCF, Campus Crusade for Christ, to a less obvious extent Kiwani’s Club and its subsidiaries and also Network Services, a counseling group which tries to focus their resolution findings on God/Jesus. The problem with all of these organisations is one thing: People. Individually, I am sure they are good people however when they don the hat of their respective group, their respective IQs seem to drop. Not only that, but they forget their sins of yesterday (more like this morning) and not approach you with humility and wanting to help, but often with an air of superiority and it comes across as though they’re saying “Hear ye oh sinful one, I come to bring ye the light which has been missing from your sin ridden existence! Bow before me and my God.” Now to the more enlightened among us, such an approach would CLEARLY be met with some degree of hesitation. However this post is not meant to focus necessarily on HOW they do it, but why people should look at themselves before they go to bring light to the darkness of these plagued sinners.

Now, due to the fact that I know this is a sensitive issue, I shall try to be as delicate as possible.
“How you mean that you gonna go representing God and have the GALL to get on like you can’t mash ants when truth and in fact you could lead the charge for sinner of the year?” That dear readers is the question I pose
For instance, anyone remember that group which got notoriety a couple years back for the radical and outspoken manner in which they did things? One Virgin Power? For a while they were a bane in my existence because most of the carnally deprived ones were of course members of the UCCF so the group was just another opportunity for like minded people to sit around in a dark corner (literally), pat each other on the back and go “My what a good Christian am I.” Meanwhile more than just patting was going on behind some of their backs. It would later come to light that not all the members of VP started out as virgins (but were welcomed after the re-‘virginisation’ process was complete *raises left eyebrow*) and those who started out as virgins didn’t quite leave as virgins. Then, they would badmouth a girl who was believed to be a slut for her sinful ways. HYPOCRITES. At least the slut isn’t making any pretense about who she is. A bit of an odd view I will admit but I rather know the nature of my beast than have one I know nothing about sniffing around my foot.

It just frustrates me, especially when the moral compasses in our society get in on the call-in programmes, the tv, the newspaper and online and spout nothing but hateful words. I may not be a theologian scholar, but last time I checked, the Christian God is a god of love not HATE! No matter your own personal beliefs regarding sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, soldiers, big business etc., if you claim to love God, you cannot hate NOR should you judge.
Educate yourselves. Peace.


3 Responses to Hypocrisy: the name of the game

  1. David says:

    Ok Mr. Superperlative1 I am sure that you have studied ’cause and affect’ at that place on the hill. You have joined the bandwagon of the haters but remember this though-the flock which make up our congregations are products of the society which we all agree needs some work. Also remember that the CHURCH is people not something amorphous.

    As one of the social architects who will have to work on fixing the problem, what is the plan?

    Interesting article man 🙂

  2. superlative1 says:

    I think your comment about me joining the bandwagon of the haters is unfair. I am not a hater, on the contrary I would like to consider myself quite the liberalist. As I mentioned I respect people whatever their religious belief may be, however, when it encroaches on others in society without basis, then I have to call out hypocrisy. Aren’t the principle values of Jesus’ teachings love, respect, compassion and humility? I guess when one is judgiug, it is easier to simply overlook these tenets.

  3. theNickster says:

    Hmm kinda ironic about the whole “christian God” love not hate thing, the old testament was chock full of hate. So if we ignore the old testament and focus only on the new testament maybe thats where things lookup right? Well a little place called Hell only gets mentioned in the new testament, it has the meek and mild christ himself who mentioned it, God loves you, but you’ll burn if you don’t do what my followers say…

    I don’t have an issue with any God per say, its just alot of things people want to hang onto for the sake of their own comfort, and a lot of chest beating over words.

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