Young Hollywood

Here’s a piece I found today that I wrote a couple years ago. It was supposed to begin a chapter in a book which was supposed to be written by multiple authors from different perspectives. Unfortunately we all had lives that year so it never got off the ground Hmmm… I wonder what they’re up to this year…

“Society, fuelled by “Young Hollywood” has instilled in us its misconception of beauty. In doing so, we now have elevated a generation of hungry, underweight youngsters, surviving on alcohol, sex, cigarettes, protein shakes and trips to the gym. These drivers of consumerism in its highest form have shown us the beauty of money and conveniently overlooked the struggle acquiring such funding may entail.”

The reason I say this, is because of my constant viewing of E!, the entertainment channel, or so it would like to market itself as being. I must admit I actually LOVE to watch E! though it is inept in its content given the all encompassing name it bears. It tends to focus mainly on this “Young Hollywood” explosion, which spans from California to New York. Hollywood indeed… but I digress. The amount of cartilage, bones and ribs would be enough to drive a dog pound wild with excitement at a little treat (emphasis on little.)

Sometimes I just want to fly down to “Young Hollywood” and one by one, hold them, shake them and scream, “Eat! Drink! Be Merry!” better yet to stay away from the religious undertone, “Eat! Drink! Be Chubby!” People would then jump to the conclusion that I am a 300lb bitter individual on some crusade to win people over to the chubberts side of life. I will admit I am a bit hefty, but I am proud to proclaim that I am not a walking skeletal exhibit for a high school anatomy class!

My major issue is that these girls are starving themselves to fit into a size -3 dress or jeans, I swear! Grazing upon nothing more than a tuft of grass, and heading to clubs to guzzle drinks and cigarettes to stave off hunger. Though a successful diet plan in terms of losing body mass and from keeping it at bay, it isn’t healthy. You can’t even say they’re beating fat back with a stick, because one may be confused as to which was the stick and which were they!

It’s not only the girls mind you. The rakey guys are a sight as well. No musculature to speak of, they are regarded as sexy! These gender neutral men with their curled, flipped, dyed and tossed tresses seem to be in competition with their female counterparts to see who can weigh the least- forgetting that men have denser muscles and bones, apparently these guys are simply dense. Sometimes I wonder if people feel proud to stand on a scale and have the dial spin listlessly to a figure sheepishly pawing at a hundred.


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