Another Blog from the Past

Last Academic year I ended up doing a course I didn’t want to do. I guess I didn’t take it too well. Read and see what I mean:
So, guess what. I have to do a few more courses before my degree at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus is complete. Great. One of those courses, however, is History of West Indies Cricket Since 1870. Now, the significance of that is as follows:

1. I hate cricket.
There is no middle ground for this. I despise the damned game, it makes me physically ill. When the test matches used to be televised on tv replacing shows I waited all week to watch, I felt not only betrayed, but weakened, like Superman and Kryptonite, is Yours Truly and Cricket.

2. I dislike Hilary Beckles
The connection: he championed this course and developed it to be added to the course list of Level III (Final Year) History. Now, from previous posts you may discover I am not a fan of this individual so anything he pioneered I tend to shy away from, but now I have no choice.

3. The lecturer
“God bless David!” As my fore-citizens would say. I can’t believe they found one of if not THE most boring History lecturers to teach the course. It is like they planned how to get me from the beginning, the bitches.

What does all this have to do with my title you might ask, well I’ll tell you! I was planning a little trip, an excursion if you will, to the North of the island. I would be wearing my finery, annointed in my favourite cologne, walk with the iPod nano and fling myself off North Point and hopefully either bash in my head on a rock and die instantly, or *SPLOOSH* into the ocean and have the water fill my lungs and die instantly. Whatever happens, I was just hoping not to land in a rogue sand dune and cushion my blow, for climbing back up to try again would ruin the poetry of it all!

Anyway, the sun has set so the mood has passed. I live to moan another day.


5 Responses to Another Blog from the Past

  1. God of Death says:

    Professor Beckles brought the university up from its shoelaces!!! We should be proud of his wonderful achievements…..fuck it he is a cunt. And that glass behemoth dont do SHIT but protect he fucking car.. the rain does still blow in. Still apart from his cricket bullshit and the WASTE money he pours into Cricket research centre. I mean REALLY!? Cricket research? Are u fucking kidding me? And the Science faculty so deprived of basic equipment and u got a blasted cricket research facility? What the fuck them does do in there but juk the money in dem pockets? STUPSE… really waht do they have to show for all the years they have been, to use an incorrect word, operating? One thing about Hilary, he really know how to waste money on guards in new security jeeps… are u kidding me? Stupse

  2. Davi says:

    Have you guys considered that he may have gotten the jeeps duty free or benefited from some other concessionary arrangement from the dealer.

    Cut the guy some slack man!

  3. superlative1 says:

    David, you raise this issue of possible alternatives to funding these things. Well… last time I checked the prices at UWI are constantly going up, yet you don’t comment on that. Furthermore regarding those vans, I have seen them up and down like Poonka King-Donkey and I wonder what UWI Security has to do with “pompassetting” with some hot young chick? I NEVER see nor hear any reports of UWI security racing off to the aid of any students. All when the students were getting raped leaving UWI.

  4. God Of Death says:

    PREACH!!!! I know we should cut the guy some slack with respect to how he really beautify the cmapus and all the cricket stuff he does do down there… But when I think if the HEADACHE i does gotta go thru to get onto the campus at these cricket times… how i would go in admissions and ask a simple question and NOBODY would know the answer and the person who does has either left early or is on anti-student these guards does behave.. really now, the guards ever do anything for the common students? Besides their blasted job which is to guard and that aint so hard. I went up on hall the other day, walking a girl back. It was 1am and u know wht the guard was doin? FAST ASLEEP!!! We had to shout at him to wake him up. Foolishness… dont even let we start on the ones driving up and down uwi in the big jeeps or the ones in the library that does see u come in with 4 books and looka t u and ask for ID… STUPSE

  5. Katrina says:

    Chaa, tings real brown up there now I see. I don’t go there, but I honestly can’t believe the amount of money being spent on cricket based projects, because it certainly does not seem to be proportionate to the money being spent in the other faculties. Soon from now the name gonna change to University of West Indies Cricket… just now…

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