iPhone vs. Voyager

Now I don’t know who besides me is slightly obsessed with cellular technology and cell phones in general, however it appears as though the reason for Apple releasing the officially unlocked iPhone and getting them onto the market earlier than anticipated may NOT be due to them being the most wonderful people EVER!

It comes due to the fact that whenever technology is created that goes a step further than previous devices did, it takes a while, but that technology is replicated, usually in a year’s time. It would appear though that the wonderful people at LG have learned a trick or two in a relatively short space of time and are bringing out their new fangled phone which DOES look like something out of Star Trek and rightfully, they’re calling it Voyager. Click here to get a look at the phone which is not yet available in Zone 1. Something tells me it’ll come out somewhere around the time when iPhones are up for grabs. This could be the phone that did for Verizon what the iPhone did for AT&T.

Hmmm… maybe I should change the type of phone I want for my birthday

One Response to iPhone vs. Voyager

  1. Katrina says:

    You’re not the only one slightly obsessed with cellular technology at the moment. Cell phones are hot, point blank! lol. I would love an iPhone now but quite frankly the plan doesn’t cater to me (that and I got another yr and some left on my t-mobile contract, lol).
    I did notice however that Verizon was coming out with their iPhone challenger. I wonder how it will do against the iPhone?

    All de talk, officiallly unlocked iPhones? If t-mobile barely come wid a student friendly plan, it DUN! More apple products for me šŸ˜€

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