Late Breaking Stale News

I am so sorry I was unable to see this earlier, however, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. I find the person behind this to be egregious but in its classifcal definition- ‘separate from the flock’. Click here to see what has me so titillated


2 Responses to Late Breaking Stale News

  1. ~B~F~P~E~ says:

    January 7, 2008
    Beware of Loveridge’s BFP Fraud and Election Gimmicks

    For the past few weeks Adrian Loveridge’s Barbados Free Press blog carried on its header a photo of Barbados Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin with a remark saying that he only did what the politicians told him, and a comment that the commissioner of police was a “corrupt clown”.

    Yesterday, Sunday 6th January 2008, Loveridge’s BFP suddenly came out to endorse the DLP and at the same time he removed the commissioner’s photo and the libelous comments from his blog header.

    What made Loveridge’s BFP blog take down the photo of the Police Commissioner so fast? Why has he removed his comment that the Commissioner of Police was a “corrupt clown”?

    Or is the “cleaned up image” just another political gimmick till elections are over?

    We at BFPE are firmly of the opinion that FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY in Barbados are alive and well, and that Barbadians must never allow FRAUDS such as Adrian Loveridge’s BFP to DECEIVE Barbadians or DICTATE to Barbadians who they should vote for.

    Your vote is your choice. Please be wary of frauds such as Adrian Loveridge and his BFP blog. Vote for the candidate or party of your choice, whether it be BLP, DLP, PEP or independent. Beware of anyone who seeks to manipulate you by feeding you false information.

    We as a people have come too far to allow another white foreigner to come to our country and deceive us. We warn Bajans to beware of the desperate lies, fraud and deception that will come out of Loveridge’s BFP in the few remaining days before next week’s election.

    Beware of false pretenders.

    Beware of Adrian Loveridge and his BFP scam!!!!


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