Aqua Del Mar: the Review

I know it’s late in coming and for that I apologise. However, I am now prepared to give you a run down of the happenings at Aqua Del Mar– the new club night in Barbados.


Aqua Del Mar sets itself apart from the local party scene and night life because of not only its format but its location. Set in the beautiful decor of Aqua Restaurant and Lounge, it uses the reputation of this fine establishment to give the event some class as well as recognition.


However, do not be quick to jump to the conclusion the event simply rests on the laurels of all that Aqua has aspired to, on the contrary, Sector 6 headed by DJ Carlos adds not takes away from the establishment and in culmination, turns it into a night that’s simply unforgettable.


When I got there I was filled with a sense of anxious anticipation and excitement because I am familiar with the type of music that DJ Carlos is known for and I was anticipating that, however as far as turnout was concerned I was a bit disheartened by the OPA! days when few people showed up apart from the group I went with. Sector 6 is amazing however I sometimes think they’re overshadowed by the locations they choose.


Having arrived there at 7:45 for a 7:30 start, I was met by staff and I believe one or two patrons who were even earlier than I was. I surveyed the downstairs and noticed all but three small tables were removed and a dance-floor was created by the vacant space, at the other end the DJ and Lighting booths with Light Pad behind the DJ. I thought, “Impressive, they went all out” and showed you don’t need a CLUB to have a Club Night.

Meanwhile, I was starving because on Sundays I usually eat at 12 then go out for a bite to eat later in the evening. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw the Aqua Del Mar menu! It wasn’t the full Aqua menu, which would make no sense seeing as how it’s a club night. Not to say the menu had on fries, far from. It had real food, but club food. I had a Spicy Chicken Quesadilla which was the BEST one I ever had, no lie. After I ate, I went upstairs to take a look around and upstairs was even better than downstairs. Lounge furniture, menus, a small bar… everything to give you a relaxed feel. What I liked most about it was the fact that the speakers were downstairs so if you wanted to sit and chat you could, without having to leave the establishment, yet you could still enjoy the music because of the open air setting.

The night progressed and more people started showing up. By this time my liquors were up and I was already a tad tipsy. The only down-point of the night was the fact that they didn’t have a cappuccino machine. Apart from that, I have no complaints. I went to get some coffee from Italia which is like 2 minutes walk away so it wasn’t a problem for me especially considering they give you bands so you won’t have to worry about getting stopped on the way back in to pay again. When I got back, I decided to try some dessert and had the Spiced Banana Spring Rolls with Caramel Coulis- one word, Amazing. Good food: Check!

The music was simply excellent and DJ Carlos played an amazing session. He really got the groove up and the people who now filled the place got their groove on, myself included. Although most of the music was new to me, it was such a good vibe you couldn’t HELP but dance to it especially after a few Absolut and cranberry juice! Good music: Check!

This was one of the best nights I had without my posse to MAKE me enjoy myself. I was impressed, not only by the decor but by the music and the crowd. I think anyone coming to Barbados who especially loves Dance music as well as good food and an ocean front setting should DEFINITELY check out Aqua Del Mar. Need directions? I got your back.


The only request I have, Carlos, throw in a couple Top 40 Remixes, for those who are now getting into the club/dance/trance/techno circuit. It’s a soft landing I find.


Click here for Episode 2!

8 Responses to Aqua Del Mar: the Review

  1. Derek says:

    It was great! I’ll definitely be there next Sunday, and more after that!

  2. DJ Carlos says:

    Hi there

    We apologise for the delay on the secont edition of AQUA DEL MAR, because we have been busy organizing our first rave party @ Surfer’s Bay on the 19th January 2008.

    Also because we decided that every week would also saturate the crowd as Barbados are now getting into to Electronica Music.

    So, I can foward that AQUA DEL MAR second edition will be made in the end of January 2008.
    Therefore we will keep this event once a month.

    Thanks all for your support and I will foward in later date more details towards the second edition.

  3. Simon Parker says:

    Just Crazy, crazy night.

    DJ Carlos is a genious DJ, I saw him last here at WMC Miami and just smash the room with almost 1.500 people.

    When you refer about Aqua Del Mar having small crowd, for what I know from the door man the event had 195 people and that’s good on the day the ROCK FESTIVAL at Surfer’s Bay was on, many people including several friend of mine,they had already purchase the tickets 2 weeks before.

    After all the Rock concert was poor and many people regreted not being at Aqua Del Mar.

    We have to recognise that Aqua Del Mar was not advertised, only for VIP and the next one for the buzz around Barbados they can expect hundreds of people including my self and friends.

    Well done DJ Carlos and the organisers of Aqua Del Mar.

    WATCHOUT for today’s RAVE in Barbados with DJ Carlos & DJ Abraham, people arriving from England, Trinidad and other Islands around. Barbados is getting packed.

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  5. DJ carlos says:

    The success of Aqua Del Mar is not only about the Aqua Restaurant but to the great music that many the new generation in Barbados are starting to enjoy and also is the open and progressive minds of the Island. They know that there is a future not like many in Barbados that their calendar of life stoped many and many years ago.

    And the major problem in Barbados is that when someone is doing success then you have people that don’t accept the reality of that success because the only thing they can do is criticizing other.

    It’s only about knowledge of life in the world and not only about a small Island.

    I’m not looking that the next event will be bigger or not the only thing I want is that the few having the best time. I don’t live in competition, just living life and loving others doing the same.

    And when come to the charm of our events, fortunately or unfortunately Electronica Music in the world have more attendance of crowds from medium/high level social, so the all electronica music is charm.

  6. DJ CARLOS says:

    I forgot to say the most important think.

    When I have refer the following lines:

    “not like many in Barbados that their calendar of life stoped many and many years ago.”
    “It’s only about knowledge of life in the world and not only about a small Island.”

    Is true and I was not mention to anyone in particulary on this page or post but to the people that comes to me saying that “I will not have success making Barbados a kind of Ibiza because Barbados is only a small Island.

    I’m not at all on that opinion and even thinking is a very bad comment.

    So, doesn’t matter if is small but for sure big in spirit, and if people can get united then becomes

    Don’t forget that the main economic power of this Island is tourism, so if we together think to make something to help the Island (like Ibiza) we just helping ourselfs to make a better life.

    It’s what I think.

  7. jsfONE says:

    The next one will be nuts! The “aqua” atmosphere will be taken, shook and electronicized.

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