The Birthday Begins


Ah, it’s finally here, the big day. Unfortunately, I shall be spending it working on a book review!

By the way- frig all of you who haven’t wished me happy birthday by now. Unless you were sleeping…

So… what have you all gotten me from The List

3 Responses to The Birthday Begins

  1. God of Death says:

    Happy birthday!!!! But… u writing posts and aint doing the ppl work and know it due in the next 24 hrs? Shame on you!!!

    At least u get to understand the magic of Thompson’s writing? Its mmm mmm good lolol… ah I still wonder why I do this course. Anyway take heart in the fact that everybody else in the class is in the same predicament… joy! stupse lol

  2. David says:

    Happy Birthday Oh Superlative1. May God’s Blessings be bestowed upon you now and in the future!

  3. David says:

    Wow no report from the birthday boy?

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