Life in Slow Motion

Have you ever felt like things were happening, but the rate at which they occur seems to be somewhat forced? What I mean when I say forced is things which happen with ease are pretty much done by the time you start, yet everything else seems to drag on and on… Maybe it is my current melancholy or my sleep deprivation but I find these past few days are taking forever to finish.

On another note I am slightly obsessed with a new online show called ‘quarterlife’. I only started watching it today but I find it very intriguing and I caught myself engrossed in it wondering “Why doesn’t she just shut up?” Anyway, click here to see what I’m talking about.

By the way, my birthday fairly SUCKED this year, however I must thank one of my dearest friends for the lovely dinner and the surprised birthday greeting from the staff. Champers was great, thanks MiMi^_^


4 Responses to Life in Slow Motion

  1. God of Death says:

    Wait wait wait… u STINKING WHORES went to Champers and not even a rassole missed call on my fone? NOT A FUCK OF IT!!!! U and Miss K better not friggin talk to me FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK!!!!!

    I HATE YOU!!! I hope the food stick in ya throat and mek u choke!!

  2. Miss K says:

    OMG it was his birthday, you and I went out for your birthday as well so I think that’s fair! Besides that was the night your big paper was due and I didn’t want to bug you.

    Are you really pissed?

    Shocking if you are!

    (Unless you were going to treat us, then my profuse apologies and prompt rescheduling are in order)


    Luv ya! (unless you really hate me, in which case omit this line lol)

  3. God of Death says:

    Lol well this was really directed at Roland moreso than you Miss K. Of course I’m not really pissed I was just taking the chance to play spoiled brat lol.

    And treat u guys? To Champers? On my paycheck? LOLOL… we can barely afford Chefette on it lol.

    U both planned it so well… i didnt even know u had gone until I saw this… wow lol. Sneaky and tricksy! lolol

    Luv ya too Miss K!!!!
    (Not u Superlative, I hope u choked lol)

  4. superlative1 says:

    Yet I lived to tell the tale, thank heavens for the Heimlich maneuver.

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