My First Earthquake

As with every major event in my life, I somehow managed to miss the massive earthquake which shook the region. Not because I was asleep, but because of the fact I died years ago, and apparently my senses are now catching up.

In case you missed it, a 7.4 earthquake was felt up and down the island chain on Thursday, November 29th.

Anyway, so I was in the bank when it all went down. I was there to cash a cheque. I should have known something was wrong or rather about to go horribly wrong when for the first time in recorded history, the bank was at full staff.

The line was moving very quickly and I was excited by this fact so my disposition was quite sunny to match the day itself. It is at this point it went downhill. I get to 6th in the line when all of a sudden, I look outside and I think to myself, “hmmm outside looks odd”- not overcast odd or an orange hue odd, just… odd. The same time, I hear screaming and the wonderful bajan exclamation “Oh ra***ole! I know in here did feel like um gun fall to sh*te down!” followed of course by a mad dash to the exit. Being 6th in the line and also having not felt anything, I figured they’re being ridiculous, then an alarm went off and an evacuation was ordered. It was at this point I figured it was a bomb so I hightailed it out of there in much less of a panic than anyone else but still, I made a hasty exit. It was not until I got outside and saw traffic at a standstill and people running from one side of the street to the other like chicken little- a la the sky is falling- I realised, wait, is this an earthquake? Trust me to miss it.

So now everyone is still in shock, screaming, pointing, saying which building caving in *rolls eyes*. Why I thought they were being alarmist was the fact that common sense notwithstanding, if you are in a building which is shaking and you run across the street to safety while on your way there, you are met by people seemingly doing the same thing from the other side, chances are it isn’t remotely limited to your building.

At any rate, so I am now calmly walking through the city whilst everyone else is at a standstill, noticing food on the ground, as well as many IQs at this point. I decided that since it was over, and everyone is still reeling, I shall make a dash for the other branch to cash my cheque. Of COURSE that one was closed also with the staff all outside a-yelling and a-screaming about having to pick up their children from wherever and going home.

Yes folks, they shall sit one hour in non-moving traffic to run to their ‘more structurally sound than this brand new two storey bank’ houses, to safety. I was unimpressed to say the least. Were I a bank teller, I would simply have felt it, looked around, and when it was finished go “Next customer please” to whomever was left.

Money grubbing + No social life = Workhorse.
A simple equation don’t you think? Anyway, I hereby decree that this event shall hereon out be referred to as “The Great Wobble of 2007”


One Response to My First Earthquake

  1. Katrina says:

    LMAO i love it…from the accts I have heard it was a sight to see the scramble and hear the stories. Trust u to be unperturbed. lol

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