German Speed bump

Living in a residential community which is plagued by maniacal drivers, I once proposed that 27 speed bumps be placed from top to bottom. Of course the idea was shot down.

I also proposed that speed traps be placed but with the use of physics, be designed to tear into tires only above a certain speed. Again that idea was shot down. Clearly I live surrounded by pacifists.

At any rate, I think I found something which might please me, forget them. I present to you, the world’s most effective speed bump. (It’s in German, just watch it and stop complaining you xenophobe.)


One Response to German Speed bump

  1. Katrina says:

    I have heard you complain about, and seen for myself, the speed at which vehicles drive through your neighbourhood. Sorry to hear you live in such a pacifist neighbourhood, but that speed bump….i love it! Ingenious i say! Do let me know if you get the neighbourhood to go along with this one…

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