The Beauty of a Broken Heart

Throughout history very little has inspired art and music like heartbreak and in keeping with that theme I just wanted to share these select images for your viewing pleasure by some talented artists.

Heart of Thorns

Another heart pic dealing with protection more so than breakage is this locked heart which I think is simply beautiful also.

Locked Heart

This piece below is a very dramatic representation of the outer layer of a heart shattering signifying how beautiful it can be to finally let your heart out.

Shattered Heart

One of my favourite artist interpretations, the broken heart scan.

Broken Heart Scan by Fabu

And finally, what was broken can still be mended.

Mended Heart

I wrote an article following up this one, not full of pics, but pearls of wisdom. Please take a read by clicking below:
Never Let Anyone Steal Your Sunshine

160 Responses to The Beauty of a Broken Heart

  1. Very impressive art there. So true about the inspiration for some of the best music (and other forms of art) of all time. It’s refreshing to see something positive come from someone suffering from a broken heart.
    Thanks for sharing these images.

  2. nomi says:

    Hi ya Guyz keep it up as being one of you broken, dying and attempting for sucides again and again but still i m breathing hope will last sooner not intrested to live any more as now my life is cursed

  3. Svasti says:

    Lovely images. I found these when googling ‘broken heart’ images. Gorgeous!

  4. AngelTears says:

    True , its a good expression to show how broken you are…
    We would had start our life’s together in bout 3 weeks from now..
    Yet i’m cursed to live alone and take the pain over and over again…
    Wish they could rip my heart out so i’d could be free for one…

    *True Art you creatid here.*

  5. sakib says:

    gr8 work, helped me heal

  6. ravi says:

    hi can v be frnds?

  7. bleeding rose says:

    beautiful and true, it helps to know others feel the pain, but we can help eachother heal, you helped me heal today

  8. Superlative1 says:

    I’m glad these images have touched so many of you. I know what it’s like and when I first posted this, I didn’t expect such a massive response to it. I appreciate you all for leaving comments and I am glad if I helped any of you.
    You are loved, remember that.

    • lonely wolf says:

      we are loved…? no…well im not…ive had my heart broken so many times, it is in peices that are so small i have locked the remains away, waiting for the right key to possibly unlock it.

    • mylovely church says:

      Hi, I believe that the heart is beautiful and depending on how handled can generate a lovely human being or a bitter one. I love the artwork that you are displaying here especially the heart thats shedding it’souter shell and revealing a more beautiful inner heart. with that said please contact me via email i would like to use that image for a project I have coming up. my name is also my facebook name.

  9. kk says:

    My heart is broken now…………..

  10. aiyah says:

    Right now, my heart is torn into pieces. The pain inside is so crucial.. I hate to fall in love again but theres nothing I can do for it. My mind says No.. but my heart says YES.. Damn this heart!!!!! and damn! the person whom this heart beats for…

  11. ARAME says:

    guys my haert had broken.can u help me?my e-mail is( help me if u can.plz:((
    i am going 2 die if you don’t help me

  12. someone says:

    do u know what i’ts like, when your heart gets broken and just when you start to recover, it gets broken again, u just recover from that one and again it gets broken..and soo on..I hope that i’m the only one cuz i dont want anyone 2 feel this way :((

    • My heart is so broken, I can’t even speak to anyone without starting to cry, I can’t look at him, without thinking ont our moment, in our day, and then the memory, of him breaking my heart just to hours later, comes up and makes me cry like a baby 😦 It’s so painfull I can’t even breath. He does not look at me anymore, every thing goes tru my mind, like he never liked me, or he just had me for fun 😦 I just want to die, I ain’t got no energy left, im sick and sad and my tears start to mix up with my blood 😦 Great pictures anyway =(

    • lyn says:

      that is exactly happened to me …i almost die when he left me,i was committed suicide b4…and i tried to forget him,just to move on in my life but why if i try doing forget him…..he was attempting to go back with me ….i want to accept him but what if he will do again what he did b4…im scared coz if i accept him and he will do again what he did …..maybe this time i will surely die…

    • lonely wolf says:

      your not the only one sadly…you just described my feeliings..

    • Dee Dee says:

      I know exactly how u feel. over n over n over again. no matter how many times ive tried to piece it, glue it, tape it, staple it, wrap it up it ALWAYS seems to get shattered and the damage is worse than before……… 😦

  13. Eri_Queen says:

    Man…. I love the skeleton one…. thats my favourite, and truely reflects how Im feeling right now…..I’m sure if I was to go for a scan, thats what they’ll see. love it, love it, love it.

  14. Angel Street says:

    mended heart is my favorite. It reminds me of a picture I drew not to long ago. THis is great stuff man and I’m really digging it.

  15. jackie says:

    i fuckin hate love at the moment it just breaks your heart into a thousand million pices and leaves you in pain to die by yourself….why does it have to heart do much….if the saying if your heart was really broken youd be dead was real….id seriously be dead rite this moment…….my heart is in soo much pain i cant handle it anymore…i hate it…………..FUCK…aiyah i totally agree with you… love is a good feeling bt once your heart gets broken then so are makes you mad it makes you sad it makes you cry and it makes you want to die…they tell you they love you bt then they play games with your heart and eventually tear it all apart….i will always love this person no matter wat this may be true even thoh they always turn me blue….:)

  16. S@S0 says:

    😦 i cant describe how my heart is breaken :S F*** who is in ma mind !!!

  17. alisha says:

    these pictures are amazing kinda just what i needed im going thorugh alot so yeah thanks 🙂 ):

  18. alisha says:

    oh and if anybody wants to talk e-mail me, 😦 🙂 😦 man love suck ass……………

  19. AMANDA says:

    Ironic how a broken heart is so beautiful!
    Thank you for this post. I put one picture on my website. Is that okay with you? How can I tag the appropriate artist?

  20. CC says:

    These pics are beautiful. I can relate to them so well. Thank you so much for sharing!

  21. x Me x says:

    Thank god for made this side.
    Love hurts..

  22. ih8hernloveher says:

    hey guys yeah me n my ex broke up lyk a month ago loll n we only went out 4 lyk 5 weeks but its amazing how fast u can full in love, n even more amazing how fast ur heart breaks lol but i realy lyk theese pics lol xOx ilyy

  23. brooke says:

    i love the oics they are amazing

  24. Amanda says:

    Thks for picture – am desperate to get a bigger jpg of the broken heart (your 3rd picture). Can you tell me where you found it so I can enlarge it without losing definition???



  25. szthuphidha says:

    help me 2
    fix my heart

  26. elmina says:

    my hard is my love

  27. tete says:

    och manno das ist so süß alles mi ging es schon oft so

  28. tete says:

    this is a wonderful pic .
    so sweet
    my sweet heart

  29. altron says:

    all i say love is painfull, and when ur heart broke u will feel more pain, but me… my heart became a pice of stone

    • TiNy-DiNo says:

      Ok i get wat everyone is talkin about but i fell in love n im only 15. Everyone says its not possible to fall in love at this age but it is n every relationship has thier ups n downs. Ive been with him for almost 4 months n its great. Love may be painful but true love is real n can last as long as you want it to if you believe in it. =)

  30. laura says:

    awesome pics!

    their so me

  31. ali assaf says:

    c vré kon auré jamé une vré amitié :(:s

  32. Marvin says:

    vodka cures a broken hearts quite quickly…:P

  33. broken pieces says:

    love is the worst possible thing to lose… once u lose it u don’t want it back because of all the pain… but once u love them and they break ur heart. u still love them with all those little pieces…

  34. kazuya says:

    Thanks, I’m heart broken now… Nice pic

  35. alex says:

    I was looking for broken hearts for my homework and i loved the last one.


  36. ariess says:

    d shattered heart is my fav…da person who realy breaks my heart,shows me hw 2 luv some1 beter…tug v r not meant 2 b 2gth,yet my faith 2wards luv wil nvr shake…i ll soon find my hapines:)

  37. lexxus says:

    These photos are very good

  38. Adam says:

    No matter how much a heart is shattered it still beats.

    Only true love’s ending can stop a beating heart, life is for love, and embracing death is surrendering the hope of love.

  39. ALI says:


  40. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

  41. abdullah says:

    my love story

    She was in my school,my friend love her but i dont,one day i go to her and told her that my friend love you,she refuse my friend leve her,one day she come to me and ask for my cell phn number,i give her,she call me and talk to me alot,after a few days she sms me that she love me,i told her to give me time she say ok i give u,then i say her that i love you too,the time goes on and we get closer to each other then she goes out of country and we were in contact one day i got to know that she is in love with some there i was shoked and my heart brokes.

  42. LOVE2b says:

    sometimes a broken heart shows how much better it should have been in my opinion it could also help you realize that if they loved you it wouldn’t have been so broken

  43. hunny says:

    no love anyone ok

  44. hunny says:

    no more excuse for lover ok dont fall in love in life

  45. rayyy says:

    ya.. i think everyone here knows how it feels like to be broken hearted.. like i never felt this way about a guy b4 but i was in love with him and i still am.. it been like 5 months i think and i cant trust anybody like i trusted him like i quit eating when he broke up with me for somebody else. and i dont talk anymore. then i got a fone call from him and my heart sank to the ground cuz i didnt kno wht to do.. i g2g but thnx for readin.. if u did.

  46. violet says:

    love sucks!!!!!! i hate it

  47. Maria Theo says:

    To the author of this website: I saw the pocture of teh red heart with teh lock inside, I wanted to use it for the front cover of my book i am publishing with Is that ok?

  48. Maidah says:

    love not alwayz hurt… doesnt when you are fallen for the rite person….dats ur mistake…!!
    i am absolutely happy wid my lyf….i love you ______

  49. Julio says:

    Love HUrtzz… </3

  50. ines says:

    at first u will say i’m in the right person i’m not doing the same mistake…..and this ove will stay for ever but u will get hurt no way u hide and u will feel like ur dead u don’t want do any thing just u think about and know how much ur life is suck and sad…..but i try it with other way change ur routin and have fun like that u will feel less broke u can dance and jump by the way it really makes u feel better and don’t lesten to sad songs cuz it will make u worst.u can prefer rap or maybe rock …..cuz u will just lose ur time…we have one life we should be happy so do something..!!!!!!!!!the sadness won’t help at all

  51. secret lover says:

    I’ve fallen for someone but it’s hard ’cause I have to let her GO!

  52. Suman Poudyal says:

    I was in love with since first day of my college. But i thought that it was just attraction. Slowly we both became friend and were the best friend of the college. We were too close and we both used to be together whole the day. I didn’t knew when i was in love with her. Now i am too crazy about her but she doesn’t love me. She never understands my feelings. But i still love her and my love is pure.

  53. broken my heart says:

    do you how it feels like if the one who you lover cheatted on you.its horribele i dont want anyone to feel the pain that i am feeling now.its like you are so angry but also sad and you want to cry but your taers just wont come out. dont ever trust someone who you dont no exacty i thought i knew him but i was wrong and now i never want to fall in love again in my life.
    its just all his faoult.

    • lonely wolf says:

      ive been cheated on…i feel the same…i tried to move on..i even thought i found someone else..but then she broke my heart too…i have little heart left..i rarely care about anyone and anything…i no longer trust as i did…im alone forever…

  54. i love all the people after i visit this site

  55. guglu says:

    tute huye paimane me kbhi jaam nhi aata
    ishq k mriz ko kbi aaram nhi aata
    ae dil todne wale itna to socha hota
    k tuta hua dil kisi k kam nhi aata

  56. Laura says:

    i love it very much

  57. fish says:

    i ahve gone through this pain and its unbarible it makes u want to die

  58. sosoOO says:

    how to say i love u
    and u do not know if he love u or love somebody else

  59. David says:

    My heart is broken

  60. Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for all of you. I know the feeling. I’ll never make the same mistake twice.

  61. AnKi says:

    i can undrstnd all these thngs….. as i m going thru ths phase of life

    • rajiv says:

      why does love hurt so much……….u love somebody and later on u find out that she was a b***……..
      it hurts man………..after 6 years when u come to know that….u were living a fake life……….
      u sacrificed everything for the one who didnt deserved even a bit ……….but i still luv u
      i cant hate u ….dont know why but i cant…..i m cursed and live like this only…
      love is true pain…….

  62. Zionna says:

    These artists are AMAZING!! Its kinda sad how so many of us have had or are suffering from a broken heart…Do these artists have more pictures? I could stare at these all day

  63. mari says:

    QUESTION: We feel like we’re dying without our lost love. So then, ***were we dying the day before we met them?***

    Without them is without them–period. We return to where we were before them. …Dying?

    Of course not. Then why dying NOW?

    My big question.

  64. LilNevaStar says:

    the 3rd one seems to be everyone’s favorite and i have that on my phone, if you want it just go to on your mobile web and go to backgrounds and then go to hearts and its labeled broken heart.

  65. la_pazzerella says:

    😦 😦 😦

  66. brknhrt75 says:

    Rather than being negative about a broken heart, why not see the positive side? Yes, it hurts, but more than likely the experience is helping you grow as a person and this artwork and all of the movies, books and songs written about lost love proves that something good can and will come of all of the pain. 🙂

  67. Anjaliina says:


  68. misty says:

    i love this pic. but i don’t wont my heart to end up this if the guy i like doesn’t like me!!!

  69. Emran Sorkhrodi says:

    I love one girl i cant told she My storie start in 05-11-2009

  70. Samantha says:


    I wanted to share this with Friends and Family on Facebook – it truly represents my heart…from a broken one to a mended one…each time I tried, the security check will not allow me to enter the text in the box for security purposes…p.s. I noticed this file is under Barbados…coicidently, after my father died on the Ocean Ranger, Feb 15th 1982 during a massive sea storm, I moved to Barbados and lived while attending St. Ursula’s and prior to that Codrington High School…too bad I can’t share this.:(

  71. It’s amazing how pictures can move us so. I was moved by these images – thank you

  72. Hey, love the images. I am going to be using this image for a poetry post on my website, I hope that is ok. let me know if you have any issues with it and I will take it down immediately.

    otherwise, thank you very much. matteo~

  73. LadyKhaos says:

    I like many of you am in the same boat. My husband/father of my two youngest has decided to separate to decide if he really loves me or not….after 13 years….my heart hurts so bad I can’t describe it. And while I just want to curl up and die…I cannot because I must go on for my children.

    • i once loved says:

      It is sad to hear that. I wish everyone appreciate one another one day. We are all human and we all have feelings. It is not fair to pursue your inner desire while avoiding the sacrifices made by the one you love.

  74. Q-T Pie 101 says:

    WOW MAN DATS DEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Crystal 17 says:

    When people see a broken heart the automatically think its that way bc of love. Well thats not true, your heart can b broken for many other reasons too. Like my heart is broken bc i have such harsh and terrible family problems. I feel so empty and helpless inside. If only you all knew the things i have gone threw so far in my life and i am only 17. I someday wish to write a book or become a public speaker to tell my story. To support and help the ones who are in the same situation as me. I want the world to know how much people suffer day by day and that everyone just stands by and watchs. I am very open so if you would like to know more, i will be more than happy to share.

    – Crystal

  76. dil gurung says:

    i love this all broken heart pic

  77. "-.- Borgin says:

    Those picture are very very beatiful!!! I WANT MORE!!!!:) But some picture are some sad=(

  78. nib says:

    i really lve my fiancee bt zat hve bcome an obsession, cnt stand if even he talks wiz sme1 else bt my craziness may lead me too far zat i may also lose him.dnt knw if sm1 cn understand my feelings or will say zat i at fault

  79. akame says:

    i think that those heart r like for somebody that had broken up with his/her boy/girlfriend….

    so it was like my friend who had broke up with his girlfriend yesterday night then,he call me 2 go out with him just for walk because that he is really hurt…

  80. Superlative1 says:

    I wrote an article following this one, not full of pics, but pearls of wisdom. Please take a read.

  81. anonymous says:

    The first one is descriptive

  82. vidhan says:

    Pcs. in very nice

  83. vidhan says:

    very nice this heart

  84. Emilly says:

    hi there!
    ilove those pics they are really lovable&so cute

  85. Haneen says:

    hey wonderful pics
    they inspire me to say:

    (death is easier than broken hearts at least
    it doesn’t hurt as much as love)

  86. Salina Reyes says:

    Love is a four letter word that seems a simple as it sound. But is not, it means much more than what it sounds. They say love is a deep, tender, inevitable feeling of affection and solitude toward someone. It has many different meaning to all different types of people. Love is the main word singers sing about, writers write about, and most of all people talk about. But do they really know what the true meaning of love is? Have they really found that pure love that everybody’s crazy for? My most defining moment that changed my life completely was my first love.
    I was only thirteen when I moved to Arkansas in 2005, we lived in Chicago for seven years and before that we also lived in New York for about six years. It was a big change in mine and my family’s lives. I would’ve never expected to live in a place like Nashville, Arkansas where there’s no buildings, some stores, and not that many people. People talked funny and dressed differently; it was a very different environment. It was the last place I would’ve thought I would ever fall in love. I met many great people here in Arkansas, people that I would never forget and that would always be carved in my heart. But they weren’t anything compared to this person that gave me a reason to live.
    I remember it like it was yesterday, April 5th, 2008, a regular Saturday night and I was late for church. When I entered the service the music was playing so loud that I could feel it in my bones. As the music was playing many people started dancing in the Holy Spirit. I was just standing there, when I heard his voice. His voice that made my heart skip seven beats at the same time, gave me Goosebumps from head to toes, the voice that made me realize why I was even breathing in the first place. He called me by my name and told me “Why do you keep on choosing to ignore me? Don’t you realize I love you and I always have? I gave my only son to die for you, I choose you even before you were born. I’m here with you and I’m always going to be there for you.” I felt his presence all over me, a joy so abundant that I can’t even explain it. At that moment I knew I fell in love.
    God had to take me out of Chicago to make realize what was really important in my life. But he not only changed my life he also changed both of my brothers lives. He called my older brother to preach His Word around the world. He took him out of the gangs and drugs that were surrounding him in Chicago and now he has his own ministry preaching wherever he goes. My younger brother plays instruments in church and lives happily for God. And as for me, I am one of the youth leaders in my church, vice secretary, and a Sunday school teacher. Even thought we may fall sometimes, we will always know that He’s there to pick us up again. That’s why I’m grateful that now I live in Arkansas. That experience changed my life forever.
    I’ve always heard that a person can’t ever forget their first love; it is something that a person would keep in their memories forever. I was one of the few lucky ones who’s first love was my true love. Not just love that you hear talk about in a teenage magazine, a romantic novel, or even a fairytale; I found a love that is pure, one that a person can’t find in a human. I fell in love with God, the real meaning of love.
    I just want to say that even tho you are going tru some bad things right now or somebody broke your heart, there is somebody out there that LOVES you!! And that is GOD. So don’t give up

    • lonely wolf says:

      god? GOD? hmph i dont believe in god at all! i hate religion! just like i hate so many other things! please dont prach about “god” on the internet…especially on a site like this…please…no disrespect to your beliefs but please..just dont…

    • lonely wolf says:

      im atheist, i dont believe in god at all, sorry

  87. chand says:

    gw adl anak hasill broken heart…
    sumpah sakit banget rasa nya…
    ingin rasa nya gw lari dari kenyataan nii semua tpi gw gg bisaaaa….!!!!!!

  88. sweety says:

    for the only reason that i became tanned he left ma 😦 its so pain full cant stop my tears roll on my cheeks i have to think that my life is so imperfect

  89. tufayel miah says:


  90. Urara says:

    well, brain is always up top on ur heart, let brain help u workin out with ya heart so it will nt get broken…hope it make sense..peace

  91. jhelo says:

    its better 2 4 get than to face the truth

  92. juan Miguel says:

    i will hungr may hurt is broken Omy Gosh

  93. kurt says:

    ambot ninyo oi wla lain pict sa broken heartz

  94. Lauren =( says:

    I started dating this guy and we had sex and i got pregnant… I’m dying inside and i don’t know what to do because he left me for his ex-girlfriend, who is also pregnant. I refuse to have an abortion because i think it is wrong and i am such a family oriented person that i cant give my baby up for adoption. what am i supposed to do? i started falling in love with this guy and now i have nothing left because he still has my heart and now i have a constant reminder of him growing inside me. i don’t know if i can do this without him. and i know he wont take me back so it would be pointless trying to get him to. he was everything i ever wanted in a guy. and i mean EVERYTHING. but now he is gone and i am pregnant and my heart is broken… write back if you have any kind of advice. because i really need some right now.

  95. aman gupta says:

    sometimes a broken heart shows how much better it should have been in my opinion it could also help you realize that if they loved you it wouldn’t have been so broken

  96. andrea says:

    lauren wut u should do is keep ur baby nd u shouldnt go back with him cuz that proves that his is not worthy enough the most improtant thing u need to worry abt is ur baby that u are going to have dont worry ant the boy cuz he is not worth it at all. im very sorry ur heart is broken i kow how u feel. but now all i give u is good luck.

  97. I love Marco Castillo. (Markanthony)

  98. Ayaz says:

    bicharte waqt the un k labo pe meri gazal,
    gazal b wo jo kisi ko sunai na thi….

  99. jasmine napat says:

    i know letting him go is never easy, but then i love him so much.but i guess we are not meant for each other.goodness!how can i forget him if he stills lingers on my mind..?

  100. lonely wolf says:

    broken…destroyed…betrayed…unloved…shattered..these are things i am…, hate…distrust…pain…heart break..sadness…these are the things i feel…

  101. keke says:

    luv the fukin hearts dude they rok like ninjas

  102. shandreya says:

    i love heart so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so……… much love

  103. keonna says:

    it looks cool! 🙂

  104. wyatt says:

    all look cool

  105. nikie says:

    ok i love the art work here what programs did you use? I use to do design. and to all those broken hearted people out there it is part of life you are not the first and will not be the last and i will tell you what one wise person told me… as long as you are with the wrong one or still stuck on the wrong one you will never find the right one. you know what you want and deserve now you have to let yourself have it. i am a lesbian and no matter who you love or dont love you will get hurt if you never felt hurt than you wouldent appreciate happines

    • Superlative1 says:

      I didn’t do the artwork, I just compiled my fave images from the net and now I have no idea where they originally came from. I wanted to go back and give credit but I have been unable to find the original site.

  106. makayla says:

    omg i like all of these photos

  107. makayla says:

    🙂 ;0

  108. ivin says:

    your pictures speak of how i feel now. only difference is, my heart is the one that has been mended over and over, by myself, and the final blow has destroyed it completely.

  109. musa says:

    4my understand smtimes u cn feel ur self ntng sweet like luv but wen u ar deep deep in lov u cn fee it bitter d whorst so guys tk easy wn u ar lov it lik a war wit no end easy to start hard to stop hey no1 cn evr stope it only hwo join it

  110. […] image found at:…/ […]

  111. chrissy says:

    nun of you know me but if any of you wanna talk you can email me at …….i have been through almost anything so i can understand…i was and still am suicidal.. i cut…drink..smoke..and some other things but i hate to have anyone else go down this path also so if anyone needs to talk or just some1 that will listen then email me and i will be there..your not alone

  112. funny says:


    […]The Beauty of a Broken Heart « Rantings of the Superlative1[…]…

  113. me says:

    i luv it like 4real

  114. Pete Armetta says:

    One of your heart pictures inspired a poem and I hope you like it and are flattered and allow me to use it on my blog with proper credit of course. Here’s the link:

    Please let me know what you think! I love your stuff.

  115. mylovely says:

    I am trying to contact or have someone contact me. I am interessted in using one of your images in a project I have coming up and the theme is a broken heart please contact me via email as soon aas posssible. Thank you in advance.

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  118. Johnk869 says:

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