Superlative1 vs. Cable & Wireless

Yet again yours truly has been defeated by Cable and Wireless. I was on the telephone and online (I pay for ADSL I shall use it) when at the stroke of midnight I found myself being signed out of MSN Messenger.

Initial reaction- Curse words.

After that I thought what is this… the Y2K Bug finally hit my computer? It did happen at the stroke of midnight after all. Then I remembered this happened not too long ago and it ended with me calling Unstable & Worthless Cable & Wireless to hear all sorts of ‘possible solutions to the problem’ which eventually ended with “Sir, I was just told by my supervisor that maintenance is currently being carried out by our technicians.” So I decided to ask what time (if ever) they expected the techs to finish and I was informed, “We’re hoping sometime around 3am sir.” Did I mention I called around 12:20?

It appears as though this wonder ADSL (Actually Dial-up Still Lying) service that C&W is providing needs to be serviced quite often… Hmmm… no wonder I have to let videos load for a few minutes seconds before I watch them.

One day Cable & Wireless, we shall go head to head, and I will be victorious!

3 Responses to Superlative1 vs. Cable & Wireless

  1. Koopa says:

    Oh sadly, you will never win against the dreaded ISP. I used to use cable modem before I used DSL and about once a month, they would put a filter on my line. At the time, I worked from home and could not afford to lose my interenet connection. I would call up the cable company, it would take 2 days for someone to come, and EVERY TIME, they said, someone put a filter on my line. I ask why, but no one had a reason….

    ————————————– – a great place to waste time, or not!

  2. Katrina says:

    See this is why they no longer go by Cable and Wireless in my house anymore, I prefer your name for them. They does get way with so much shite it ain’t funny. One day though, they gine mess wid de wrong ppl, on de wrongest day. For their sake, I hope it ain’t u, but fuh my sake, I hope it is, coz I want a good laugh, lol. Good luck with that ongoing battle tho

  3. Actionscholar says:

    A neverending battle it is. Why bother? I say we torch the place or at least run around naked at their main office. If seeing you naked does force them to move nothing will. At least that’s my secret weapon… (click, click). Then again as Katrina said, it would be a hoot to see what happens when the two of you go head to head. Ah boy… I can feel my sides bursting already.

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