Introducing Livvi Franc

January 29, 2008

2008 seems to be the year for big things coming from Barbadian artists, an for once we’re not talking about Rihanna.

Also making her solo debut at the 2008 Barbados Music Awards was Livvi Franc, who signed with mega label Jive Records late last year.


Performing two songs, Bliss and Underground Sunshine her crystal clear voice calmed many a savage beast while her young sexy look riled them back up again. But this songstress has more to her credit than just being able to croon out sweet notes to perfection, she’s also quite the lyricist. Much like her counterpart Shontellle, she plays a major role in the songs she sings, drawing inspiration from such pop artists as Nelly Furtado and Dido to the classic stylings of Etta James. She is sure to have people talking.

Click here to check out Bliss and a couple other tracks by Livvi Franc including my personal favourite, Shiver.

Live performance below.

Shontelle – The Debut Single

January 29, 2008

So the BMA’s (Barbados Music Awards) were held Sunday just gone and i will tell you this for the hundredth time, “No I did not go! Yes I know my friends were there. YES I know it was supposedly one of the biggest events on the social calendar for Entertainment! I just didn’t feel like going, OKAY???”

But this isn’t about me, this is about Shontelle who launched her debut single Naughty (featuring Beenie Man) which was a favourite jam of mine for a while now (you can check it out on her myspace page here) The single is a power packed club jam sure to light up the airwaves, or so the execs at Universal Motown are hoping.


So far the album seems to be a far more mature debut into the world of music than her SRP label mate Rihanna, which given the age difference between these two sexual beings isn’t surprising. (Truth be told I don’t even have her debut album “Music of the Sun” on my iTunes or my iPod for that matter, didn’t impress me.)

Anyway, we wish Shontelle well in her debut and are officially announcing our availability to be a roadie, backup singer, personal chef or even cunnilingus maximus if need be.

Hey, the road gets lonely sometimes.

Live performance below.

After the Dust has Settled

January 29, 2008

Late in coming, as all my posts have been of recent but I had to do this after the heads stopped spinning and the first set of dust has settled.

So the DLP won the elections 20-10 (maybe 19-11 if Rommel Marshall wins his court case… which we doubt he will so let’s stick with 20-10) and the BLP Head is now Mia “Nibbles” Mottley after Owen “See-more women” Arthur former Prime Minister handed the reins over to her contrary to public expectation that Clyde “Whoops!” Mascoll was named as Co-Leader. David “Giddy as a School-Girl” Thompson and his CAREFULLY selected group now have control of the government, all excluding the Wrong Dishonorable Dennis “Narcissus” Kellman was snubbed, to no one’s surprise. What a way to begin a political year. Ah… I hope to God, Allah, Jehova, what have you, I get my company off the ground before the BDS dollar gets devalued to something slightly above a buck fifty Guyanese.

Oh and to answer everyone out there asking, “Whose side is he on?” I say to you this “The same side you should be on, my own.”

Bedroom Bully

January 27, 2008

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of posts since the Heath Ledger one, I’ve been preoccupied with school and since my soon to be Gully Ornament of a computer has been testing my patience… I digress.

The reason for the title of this post is simple- it is the name of a product I saw in the supermarket. The marketing for this beverage is that of an energy drink, but not a classical one, more so that of a stamina daddy, i.e., erectile solutions and it claims to have longevity enhancing ingredients.

Forgive the quality of the shot, took it with my cell phone and seeing as I am not a professional photographer, you will deal with it, or buy me a digital camera. Take a look below at what is considered as appropriate to have on the shelves.


Heath Ledger- Dead at 28

January 22, 2008

Not that many of you care but I found it shocking to hear about the death of the young actor. (Maybe his stocks crashed) It’s sad though, especially when talented people snuff themselves out. I had a friend commit suicide once (the police are suspecting overdose by pills which to me is a suicide if ever I did hear one) and it took everyone by surprise. Of course tongues wagged as to the reason but what can you do.

Click here to read the full BBC News story.

DLP’s Plan of Action Part 1- Capital Account Liberalization

January 18, 2008

What are the definitions of ‘Money Laundering’,  and ‘Tax Haven’ because they seem to come to mind given section b) and c) of the Account Liberalization initiative the ruling Democratic Labour Party has in its manifesto.

b) Residents and Non-Residents will be able to hold bank accounts in US Dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars and Sterling in unrestricted amounts provided these are not funded from Barbados dollar sources. The holding of different currencies will eventually help to diversity the financial services industry.

c) A 5% rate of income tax will be applied to interest earned on these balance in order to encourage their repatriation from foreign banks where they remain undeclared. These deposits will be subject to existing foreign currency reserve requirements.

We have in place a declaration policy governing local transactions which state all deposits of and exceeding $10,000 BARBADOS dollars the source of which must be declared. However this is saying undeclared money in non Barbados dollars will be subjected to a 5% income tax on the INTEREST not the money.

So if i were a drug lord and wanted to hide 30million Sterling for example i could send it down here and only be taxed on the interest the money earns. Don’t forget the term in b) “in unrestricted amounts”.

At any rate, I MAY be wrong but we’ll see when the World Bank and the IMF get wind of this.

Superlative1 vs. Cable and Wireless- Round 2

January 18, 2008

Below is a copy of the irate email I sent to C&W Thursday, January 17th, 2008.

“This email is to air my frustration anger and annoyance with the Staff and Service of Cable and Wireless bMobile. On Tuesday January 15th I purchased the handset which appears in the subject of this email at minutes to 9 in the evening at the Sheraton Center location. Despite having to deal with an unprofessional and surly CSR by the name of <Name Removed> (I assume from the scratchy handwriting at the bottom of the receipt) I STILL purchased that handset. I take it home and charge it as instructed and put in the memory card which came with the phone only for the phone to not access the memory card.
On Wednesday January 16th I take the phone to <Company Name> (the company I remember as being the licensed distributor and repair company for the phones that bMobile carries. I was specifically instructed to return the phone because the card reader was corrupt. PLEASE NOTE I bought this phone the Tuesday night, less than 18 hours before I took it to be looked at.It is at this point I am seeking redress because I am TIRED dealing with the rude and undertrained staff of Cable and Wireless in general and I am TIRED of being sold faulty phones as the last time I obtained a phone from C&W it ALSO had a manufacturer’s defect that phone was valued at <Figure Removed> The treatment I received when I went to take that phone for repair was deplorable at best and I am not in the frame of mind to deal with that again.
In other words, I intend to return this phone to bMobile where upon my arrival there is another handset waiting for me to simply insert my SIM and Memory Card into and leave the store. After the horror of the last transaction of this nature I do NOT want the phone to be repaired because I won’t be accepting that defective merchandise back. ALSO given the fact that the telephone CSR person put the phone down in my ears this evening after I asked her if there were any managers I could speak with to which she responded by giving me a 292-5050 number (which landed me BACK at the customer care center) then to see “Call Ended” come up on my screen I REALLY am not about to be appeased by guarantees of repair since it wasn’t even a DAY that I had the phone.
Feel free to respond to this email ASAP or to contact me directly at <Number Removed>”

However, I went there tonight and got it solved, and I met the NICEST CSR ever, she needs a promotion. She found out the problem on her own, rectified it FOR ME TO SEE and it turns out it was the memory card itself and she replaced it and doubled my memory at no additional cost:). I am to write an email lauding her efforts. I made sure to find out her name and have it on the back of the receipt. She really improved my night.