If I Were A Sniper

This may very well cost me my next US Visa but…

Years ago, when I was considerably younger, people would often ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and because of my upbringing and educational background, they probably expected to hear the ever so original “Doctor/Lawyer/Bank Manager” however, those areas never really interested me much and since I was also emotionally dead  the only profession that really spoke to me was what I used to tell them in response- “An assassin!”

To be more specific, I fancied myself as being a sniper type person. Fashionable, cool, calculating, callous and clinical. Anything other than sniping I found barbaric. I mean, to be honest I’m not a stabber as I don’t really care for human contact getting so close as to stab them wouldn’t be ideal for me. Even shooting from a close range wasn’t for me. Blood splatter etc really isn’t that appealing. Anyway, as years went on I realised getting into the sniper business wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped so I retired my dream for now.

To this day I still picture myself perched atop the clock tower just waiting… chewing a piece of gum, me and my Barrett 50 caliber armor-piercing sniper rifle which I shall refer to as the Apocalypse rifle.

Just waiting…

Check out my baby in action.


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