The Face of a Leader

Let’s take a look at the two men gunning for Prime Minister in the January 15th, 2008 General Elections.

The face of Owen Arthur.


The face of David Thompson.

Now… who looks serious? Who REALLY looks like someone who’s set to lead a country through this tumultuous time. You decide.

2 Responses to The Face of a Leader

  1. Katrina says:

    haha Owen just look real sporty and David look like he eating good, lol
    Gosh, I glad I ain dey tuh vote coz leh me tell yuh.. da’s a tough one hear!

  2. God of Death says:

    Well… at least David has on his Barbados tie pin!!! Patriotism! Vote DLP for that!

    I’m joking people… but really David looking like he eating too good… imagine what he would look like with unfettered access to the treasury lol… he would blow up like certain fat ppl i know who ‘train’ for 6 years but still fat as cunt

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