Amenities Fee at Work

Off politics for a moment.

The other night some friends and I were hanging out before classes at the UWI recommence and we decided to hit up Italia Coffee House for a beverage to warm our cockles. Taking the coast road from Sheraton, we pass Chefette Rockley before we make it to Quayside Center and in the parking lot of Chefette what do we see parked but a large bus with what on the side? University of the West Indies.

1)What was the bus that I am apparently paying for doing parked at Chefette?

2)Why does the bus NOT travel on the south coast generally but can find its way there before the semester begins?

3)The route has gotten even shorter from what it used to be YET our ammenities fees have increased to pay for all and sundry.

Of course I won’t actually get answers to these questions but I just had to ask them, you know, put it out there.


2 Responses to Amenities Fee at Work

  1. AA says:

    Please remember that the Office of Student Services offers a chartered bus service to private individuals. Perhaps that could be one of the explanations for the bus being “off route”. Secondly, I’m sure you would want to ensure that your drivers are well satisfied when transporting your fellow students around.

  2. superlative1 says:

    Oh spare me. The fact that this was before the start of the semester has no bearing on it right? Why can the bus not go into Wildey for example, now that they’re 3 of them yet it can be at Chefette parked quite nicely. This is just like when I saw one of the new Campus Security vehicles dropping off some hot young chick in town when the said bus was still operational. I guess you have to look a certain way to get special treatment.

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