As the date for the polls draws ever closer here in Bimshire (Barbados for those not in the know), the air is alight with political discussions, accusations and warnings from all sides- namely the right side, the wrong side, my side, your side, their side, our side, up side and of course the down side.

Whereas I have been accused, rather labeled as being a Capitalist, I more so view myself as a Realist.

The BLP has a history of what many would deem as Capitalist goals and development strategies, fine. The DLP likes to tote themselves as being a Socialist party, all for advancing the society. My issue is this- One of my more financially secure friends said that if he were in Barbados on election day, he would vote for the BLP because they make the rich richer and he went on to ask if I honestly thought that if the DLP were to win that they would evenly distribute wealth… valid point. How DO they intend to evenly distribute wealth? The BLP has been in power for 3 consecutive terms and it has been said that they create an environment for wealth to be generated by individuals, groups, what have you.

On the other hand, the DLP’s plan of actions seems to be holding hands for the greater good- but will it just result in holding hands to bring each other down? Socialism only works when individuals have a vested interest in the larger group, and we know how selfish Bajans can be so what’s going to happen?


3 Responses to Priorities

  1. ugly snob says:

    is your wealthy friend available?

  2. superlative1 says:

    Need I remind you of my previous notification regarding the use of my blog as a dating service?

  3. theNickster says:

    Thats pretty much why Cuba is the way it is, people are selfish, but they only seem to unite under threat of death. I’m no fan of communism but there are elements of socialism that can be very beneficial to the whole. Wealth is good, but its the polarization of society that causes the problems we see today.

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