Election Day- Barbados

The big day is here and after 2 and a half hours sleep, yours truly is ready to get my democracy on. Despite initial ambivalence I have made the decision to vote for fear of sitting idly by and watching my country be ruled by whom I may not be in support of.

I intend to be there by 5:45am (no I am not opening the place nor am I working there.) I just have things to do and places to go and can’t afford to be caught in the “Let me get there at 6 bo” crowd. That means freezing cold water, struggling to find clothes and most likely skipping breakfast. YAY! Mind you I have an 8am class I rue going to this morning so I won’t be able to go home and catch up on my five and half hours remaining sleep. *Sigh* Oh well all in the name of democracy right?

Tomorrow’s a day off anyway. 40 hour work week my eye.

Vote Barbados!

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