Aqua Del Mar – Episode 2

This was originally a comment but I decided to post it.

From Dj Carlos

“Hi there

We apologise for the delay on the secont edition of AQUA DEL MAR, because we have been busy organizing our first rave party @ Surfer’s Bay on the 19th January 2008.

Also because we decided that every week would also saturate the crowd as Barbados are now getting into to Electronica Music.

So, I can foward that AQUA DEL MAR second edition will be made in the end of January 2008.
Therefore we will keep this event once a month.

Thanks all for your support and I will foward in later date more details towards the second edition.”

YAY!!! I am excited. Hopefully I can still be able to afford it given the winds of change.


One Response to Aqua Del Mar – Episode 2

  1. […] well and fine, I WOULD be excited about the Second installment of the Aqua Del Mar club night… if it were at Aqua. I don’t mean to be picky, well maybe I do, I’m a picky […]

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