Introducing Livvi Franc

2008 seems to be the year for big things coming from Barbadian artists, an for once we’re not talking about Rihanna.

Also making her solo debut at the 2008 Barbados Music Awards was Livvi Franc, who signed with mega label Jive Records late last year.


Performing two songs, Bliss and Underground Sunshine her crystal clear voice calmed many a savage beast while her young sexy look riled them back up again. But this songstress has more to her credit than just being able to croon out sweet notes to perfection, she’s also quite the lyricist. Much like her counterpart Shontellle, she plays a major role in the songs she sings, drawing inspiration from such pop artists as Nelly Furtado and Dido to the classic stylings of Etta James. She is sure to have people talking.

Click here to check out Bliss and a couple other tracks by Livvi Franc including my personal favourite, Shiver.

Live performance below.

8 Responses to Introducing Livvi Franc

  1. God of Death says:

    wha loss!!! she look too nice tho lol… she barely want bursting way LOL

    anyway i loved Livvi’s performance at the BMAs, it was really good, I love the quality of her voice and the range and everything especially the fact she writes her own material…

    all in all tho, she’s still no Rihanna LOL

  2. superlative1 says:

    Before you worry about doing the people’s work at Combermere General Insurance you coming on my blog talking how she’s still no Rihanna? I aint even touching it because I love my local peeps.

  3. God of Death says:

    lolol Combermere General Insurance nuh? Safe! I gine let that one slide becausing (yes i know its not a word lol) we is friends lol

  4. partUis says:

    Indeed she is no Rihanna. She has the potential to be better.

  5. Jamie-Lee Carter says:

    hi Olivia it’s Jamie and Aliya Rember…we are couzins =] .

    So how is auntie Zena, Jessica and uncle Urvine so well c ya soon xoxoxoxox hope u rember 🙂

  6. Superlative1 says:

    Oh my goodness! Her new song Now I’m That Bitch should be a MAJOR hit. Super excited to see the music video!

  7. Mckeash says:

    lol lol yall sumthing else seen. anyways i’m from nevis. this girl has a voice, she can make it, but there will be cretics of course. first of all rhianna is already out there an popular so some ppl will say she would never be rhianna. she dont wanna be rhianna i’m sure, she can be better than rhianna. but credits have to be given to rhianna she can really sing thou. livvi keep up the good works u cant reach very far in what u do.

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