Le Mot Juste


Greetings All,

Its almost here!!!!!

We’ve kept you thirsty for more haven’t we?

Now its time to really…

get your juices flowing

That’s easy…

1. Mark Sunday February 10, Limelight Cafe – 6:30 pm on your calendar.
did that already? Great.

2. Grab your tickets. Head on down to either Up Beat Warrens/DaCosta Mall or D.E. Computers Sheraton. Cost: $25.
got your tickets? Good.

3. While already in Up Beat, grab yourself some nice threadz to wear. Or, come home – stare at your closet… look for your spiffiest!
outfit planned? NICE!

4. Organize transportation for the night. If you have your own car – make sure your tires have air, oil is good etc.
everything maintained & good to go? Excellent.

5. (and this is my favourite part) Make general (or random… whatever suits you best) shouts of pleasure and excitement. You’ve been waiting for this show since last May, and its here again. You absolutely cannot wait… YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
all hyped? Sweet! We are too!! Feel to run shout it to a friend? (or maybe you’d rather do it softly by forwarding to their address) That’s Cool, we’ve done the same. Don’t forget to ask if they have transportation to the show as well, us Le Mot Juste family… we rock like that right? Right.
Sooo… all’s left to be said is: SEE YOU THERE!!!

and of course… (especially to those participating in the Open Mic and Slam)

get your juices flowing…


Slam and Open Mic slots are full. However, as is custom, if anything opens up on the night we’ll be sure to slip you in. So feel free to let your interest be known. Additionally, your names go on first for the May show)

Enricco Bohne
Coordinator Le Mot Juste


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