Take A Bow by Rihanna

Okay my question is how much time DOES she spend in the studio.


The young Barbadian songstress and cover queen has put out another tune on her label Def Jam’s AV page for all you Rihanna addicts out there. The new song Take A Bow is unusually low tempo for a new release given her debut singles track record which sees club bangers as leading the charge. However, it’s a catchy song and she shows off her vocal improvement.

Click here to check out Take A Bow.


8 Responses to Take A Bow by Rihanna

  1. princess says:

    she sounds like she is trying to recreate beyonce’s irreplaceable

  2. superlative1 says:

    Someone else who heard it made that same observation. My particular thing is the titles of her songs. She uses lyrics from writers who gave songs titles that are identical to songs out on the market. Rihanna has a song on her album called Rehab (a la Amy Winehouse) and now we have Take A Bow (Leona Lewis has a song called Take A Bow on her album also.)

  3. God.of.Deathz says:

    MAdonna also has a song from ages ago called Take a Bow… it was slow like this one too but I dunno wht it was about… anyway it doesnt sound like she’s trying to recreate irreplaceable to me. Granted that both Irreplaceable and Take a Bow are both titles that sound as though they would be lauding a person for their achievements but in fact are about the complete opposite but I think that is where the similarities end. Well the only other similarity is that both songs were written by Ne-Yo so i guess thats why they are both so similar. Maybe Ne-Yo wanted another hit and just basically followed the formula that got him the greatest success (Did Irreplaceable win any Grammys?). Beyonce stans would most likely say Take a Bow is a poor man’s Irreplaceable and to that i say SUCK OUT. AT least she isnt pulling a Chris Brown or Jordin Sparks and taking the beat and writing a song to it and calling it original material.

    I think the song showcases how far Rihanna vocal ability has come when compared to say Unfaithful or some of her work from her first album. It’s a really nice song and I’m sorry that there is only 1 song to be released with the re-release of Good Girl Gone Bad. I know tho i wont hesitate to buy the album and support our new cultural and youth ambassador lolol.

  4. superlative1 says:

    Maybe Ne-yo isn’t as talented a songwriter as everyone gives him credit for. His music is YAWN! Call me a hater or whatever but his songs all sound the same give or take some repetition.

  5. Annie says:

    When I first heard ‘Take a Bow’ by Rihanna, I thought of the Madonna version as well. Not just because of the title, but the idea is very similar to the one Rihanna sings about. Which I was really bummed out about, because I love both versions, but it’s not very original. As much as I love Rihanna, it is a bit of a rip-off of the Madonna song ‘Take a Bow’.

    At some point artists are going to have songs with the same titles, because there are just some ideas that overlap. But at the same time, it really proves an artist is an artist when they can think of a completely different idea. Oh well.

  6. Myself says:

    I 100% agree annie. She rihanna totally ripped off madonnas take a bow its like she watched madonnas video one night of take a bow and addeda few lines and then started singing that crap song she does and thinks its orginal. BS. rihanna u need singing lessons and u need better lyrics.

  7. Acomplia says:

    Lovely post. Please add my email address to your list and email me the updates if possible. I always like to read your blog and comment on it.

  8. blah says:

    I think her song was a good update to Madonnas Take a bow. both song i like.

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