Mariah Carey- Migrate

So Miss Mariah Carey or MiMoo as Perez likes to call her was on Saturday Night Live fame whoring promoting her new song Migrate featuring T-Pain.

This is an open invitation to Mariah and T-Pain. Feel free to come to me for English as a Second or Foreign Language lessons. The word ‘migrate’ cannot subsititute ‘go’ in everyday situations.

For example:

  1. Let us go to the club. (Correct)
  2. Let us migrate to the club (Incorrect)

*Note- this only applies if you are not moving into the club.*

So Mariah, whenever you’re ready. Bring 3 or more people and I’ll get you a discount, not that you need one since I am sure this bilge is gonna sell millions.

3 Responses to Mariah Carey- Migrate

  1. Boybfly says:

    Its a hot song and its gonna catch on honey…sorry…

  2. DavieBFly says:

    This song is hot – can’t wait to hear it on CD!

  3. Kalaha says:

    oh wow.. obviously they missed the point of this post… lol
    looks like u got 2 more ppl to join Mariah for classes

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