Cashmere Mafia vs. Lipstick Jungle

I watched both with an open mind and am here to render my verdict.


Left: Lipstick Lesbians Jungle, worst show on tv. Right: Cashmere Mafia the WAY better original.

I began watching Cashmere Mafia first, as it began airing first and was instantly drawn to its charm, wit and humanity. Sure it’s about people far above the average income level but their lives aren’t charmed by any stretch of the imagination. It has this degree of plausibility to it and the situations they get themselves into seem to have a reason behind them. Very well written, directed, produced and acted. Excellent and complementing ensemble cast. When I watched Lipstick Jungle I thought, this is a cheap glossless Cashmere Mafia rip off! The show SUCKS! The writing is poor, the acting is forced at best and the direction is aimless. I HATED it. When I heard that reviewers (who I refuse to even give validation by referencing them) said Lipstick is better then Cashmere I thought to myself they HAD to be getting paid to spout that drivel. Worse is that Lipstick seems obviously patterned off of Cashmere but a poor facsimile that to suggest it’s better shows a lack of true critical thinking.

Oh and the Cashmere Mafia cast is hotter!


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