Fish: The Other Vegetable

The sun rises on yet another Good Friday, the day marked by many Christian sects as the day Jesus Christ died for our sins so that we may eat fish.


I know I may have just lost some of you, but if you’re from the Caribbean, you may not be so confused. It is customary that on this day the eating of meat is not done. Enter Fish, the other vegetable, because I don’t understand why people separate fish from meat. Last time I checked fish are very much alive, given that they you know, swim, eat, procreate and die.



Also, like any other meat, they were hunted down, stricken in their prime and served up in a variety of dishes with an array of garnishes.


But beyond just that is the fact that many ‘vegetarians’ eat fish. Call me crazy but that just makes NO sense. Anyway, I have to go read up on some Mahi Mahi recipes… this day shall be long.

9 Responses to Fish: The Other Vegetable

  1. Jo says:

    Ah, yes, Pesco Vegetarians. I know them well as I used to be one. Not all Vegetarians refrain from beef, chicken, and pork due to animal cruelty concerns. For me, it was a diet restriction one time imposed by my PCP.

    It does make sense- in context.

    Hope I helped 🙂

  2. ugly snob says:

    i believe there must be a significance to the fish that we are not aware of we would have to ask your more religious minded readers?

  3. Katrina says:

    Oh man Roland u have such a gift. While presenting interesting questions or thought, u write it such a way that makes me laugh… lol.

    I often wonder that myself but I think mayb it’s a no red meat kinda thing, ie, nothing that is butchered. Yes fish are killed but I dont believe the are butchered to their death, ie, no blood is spilt when they die. So I think Christians refrain from eating “red meat” as a sign of respect for the blood Jesus shed..

    I dunno, da’s just my 2 sec. thought on the issue. I gine and finish study.

    Loved the pics included in this post tho.

  4. Narkissos says:

    Pesco-vegetarianism. Yet another ridiculous notion.

    Great post Ro.

  5. Rocky from Mount Royal College says:

    Fish is a vegetable u dammm hippies

  6. gershom gale says:

    Do we have your permission to publish your fish picture ( illustrate an article on the various ways of being a Christian? We can’t pay, but of course credit will be assigned as you choose.

    Gershom Gale, Editor
    The Jerusalem Post Christian Edition

  7. jenna says:

    Hey! This morning I was actually contemplating this topic so I googled fish anatomy and found this discussion.

    You see, many folks do believe that the Lord resides in the heart of all living entities as the holy ghost or ‘super soul’ and therefore no living entity (anything with a heart beat) should not be taken as foodstuff. Yes, anything with a soul has a right to life.

    St. Augustine of the Catholic Faith declared that fish have no souls and therefore can be eaten. Thus, Catholics all around the world who observe the vegetarian Friday fast during Lent eat fish with no consideration. Other reloigions who observe vegetarianism on principle refrain from eating meat, fish and even fertilized eggs.

  8. billy! says:

    fish is a meat u silly goobers :p

  9. see guys i told you!!! fish is a vegetable!

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