Shontelle’s New First Single

April 27, 2008

As things are with the music business, Barbadian beauty Shontelle’s debut single is T-Shirt; you can check it out on her official myspace page (Click here).

As many of you may recall, speculation was that it would be Naughty featuring Beenie Man which both performed earlier this year at the Barbados Music Awards. However, the late entry onto Shontelligence (written by Andrew Frampton who also wrote hits for Kylie Minogue and Natasha Bedingfield) has been gaining interest internationally and has won the hearts of music listeners and radio station execs alike. We wish Shontelle great success with Shontelligence and hope to see her walking down the Grammy red carpet next year. Can anyone say Best New Artist?

Above, pics of Shontelle looking simply stunning at the Red Carpet for R&B Live at Spotlight, NYC. (That’s actually her hair, not weave.)


See Here!
See Here!
See Here!

Rihanna- Take A Bow Official Video

April 26, 2008

So finally we have the highly anticipated video for the latest single from the Good Girl Gone Bad re-released album. *Crosses fingers that Say It is not on the repack*

She looks simply stunning in this video, real grown woman type. Rumour has it Breaking Dishes is the next single to be released. Good show, would love Sell Me Candy to get out there at some point but you never know with these things.

Aqua Del Mar: Back to the Origins

April 19, 2008

Aqua Del Mar is back to its origins people!


Needless to say I am kind of gloating at this. Aqua Del Mar returns to Aqua Restaurant and Lounge! More sponsors, bigger event!

Facebook users Click Here for more information and pics!


The following are the activities for the event:

1 – WINE ROSE & CHAMPAGNE – As free admission complementary Drink

2 – Club Professional Dancers from ( PLANTATION ) from 12.30am

3 – Fotograph coverage by CIRCUIT MAGAZINE to be published next

4 – Heineken + Mount Gay Rum happy hour from 11pm to 1am

5 – Excellent Club dance decor by EVENTS UNUSUAL

6 – Brilliant Lighting system by IGM Stage Lightning and will make you
feel exactly where you are, on a true international club environment

7 – BLUE CARPET ENTRANCE (Feel like a star that you are)



Don’t miss the best and finest party in Barbados! Don’t believe it?? Try It


DLP Progress Report: 1st Quarter

April 18, 2008

So the first quarter of their tyranny governance is complete and it’s time for a progress report!

Achievements to date include and are limited to:

  • Bad mouthing the ousted Barbados Labour Party (counter productive)
  • Maintained the said BLP initiatives (hypocritical)
  • Gave a less than underprivileged celebrity land, an SUV,  and a title (overzealous)
  • Picked Snails (…enough said)
  • Increased the cost of living by removing subsidies on fuel including that used for electricity then coming on television declaring Barbadians should live more ‘conservatively.’

HA! I hope we’re proud of ourselves. Change, from bad to worse. Congratulations Barbados!

Wanted immediately to serve as shop keeper in kerosene oil lamp and candle store. Must have proven track record of sales, excellent written and verbal communication skills, a dislike for the usage of electronic devices and above average arithmetic capabilities.

Hours of work depend on available lighting.
Natural air/conditioned environment (Open windows and doors.)

A competitive remuneration package awaits the successful applicant, unless the wage increase as proposed by the Barbados Workers’ Union is approved.

Superlative 1 vs Rihanna and Shontelle

April 13, 2008

So Rihanna must now think I’m a freak because I was talking to Shontelle online and she told me she was kicking it in LA with Robyn (Rihanna) Fenty and she had Rihanna’s dog on her lap; the dog I referred to as a teddy bear and the reason behind me questioning Rihanna’s sanity for strolling around with a stuffed animal before I realized it actually moves on its own. Anyway little did I know when I was telling Shontelle all sorts of things she was actually passing on the messages to Rihanna. Messages included:

I’m a Good Boy Gone Bad!

She can Sell Me Candy anytime!

I loved the album but “Say It” SUCKED!

I’m her number 2,496 fan!

Sign my left teat! (Particularly shining moment on my part)

and I also went on to ask Shontelle why Rihanna and I are not friends and asked her to sneak me Rihanna’s personal email address, assuring her I wouldn’t spill on who I got it from. THEN I asked where Rihanna was during all of this, only to hear ‘Right in front of me” I could have died! Not really… but it wasn’t THE best way to start the ball off rolling. Sigh… I can say goodbye to future interviews.

Thank you for the A Girl Like Me autographed poster Rihanna! I LOVE YOU! Although I could do with another one to add to my collection *clears throat* Hey! How about autographing a blank cheque! That works for me!