Superlative 1 vs Rihanna and Shontelle

So Rihanna must now think I’m a freak because I was talking to Shontelle online and she told me she was kicking it in LA with Robyn (Rihanna) Fenty and she had Rihanna’s dog on her lap; the dog I referred to as a teddy bear and the reason behind me questioning Rihanna’s sanity for strolling around with a stuffed animal before I realized it actually moves on its own. Anyway little did I know when I was telling Shontelle all sorts of things she was actually passing on the messages to Rihanna. Messages included:

I’m a Good Boy Gone Bad!

She can Sell Me Candy anytime!

I loved the album but “Say It” SUCKED!

I’m her number 2,496 fan!

Sign my left teat! (Particularly shining moment on my part)

and I also went on to ask Shontelle why Rihanna and I are not friends and asked her to sneak me Rihanna’s personal email address, assuring her I wouldn’t spill on who I got it from. THEN I asked where Rihanna was during all of this, only to hear ‘Right in front of me” I could have died! Not really… but it wasn’t THE best way to start the ball off rolling. Sigh… I can say goodbye to future interviews.

Thank you for the A Girl Like Me autographed poster Rihanna! I LOVE YOU! Although I could do with another one to add to my collection *clears throat* Hey! How about autographing a blank cheque! That works for me!


4 Responses to Superlative 1 vs Rihanna and Shontelle

  1. Spivey says:

    Shontelle and Rihanna are both great performers!

  2. youngflyandfilthy says:

    Rihanna don’t got nothin on shontelles. Shontelle clearly has more talent than ri

  3. heather says:

    your trippin.. rihanna’s going out with chris brown so she’s better

  4. diva4life says:

    Based on real talent and beauty, not significant others, Shontelle is the flyest especially rocking those jimmy choo shoes in her T-Shirt video.

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