The Difference Between Being African American and Being Black

I am so shame… Despite many people calling me racist, I continue to point out the subtle difference between being African American and being Black.

Whereas black people such as Chris Williams sing songs like “Love Is Gone” for David Guetta’s smash dance album Pop Life meanwhile African Americans sing what is featured below and think that it passes for an uplifting and endearing ballad.

What would possess anyone to write that song, sing it, produce it and decide THIS is the best I could do with my song writing and rapping ability! It is vile, grotesque and at the very least inappropriate. I am waiting for the remix featuring Trina.

*Shakes head from side to side disapprovingly*

31 Responses to The Difference Between Being African American and Being Black

  1. tyrone says:

    your very wrong african americans is the same as black, it’s because some african american are ashamed of there skin tone they think because there mixed with something there still not african american.

    Get it right i’m from california and i’m african american not black and i’m mixed qbut i’m still african american

    • Tia says:

      African-American is not the same as black…Black-Americans are different..we are mixed with different things..I’m mixed with Cherokee, Irish, and Portuguese..sooo ya. I’m considered Black-American. I’M AMERICAN WITH TAN SKIN….that’s what Black-Americans are. O _o Now you say you are African-American…parents are from Africa? And born in America?

      • irish isn’t a race.and african american is a incorrect term for the native black people born here.but geneticly “african americans” are still in the negroid race along with regular native born africans.

    • Tia says:

      And if you are saying African-Americans are ashamed of their skin tone you’re talking about yourself. Cause Black-Americans are WAY different. African-Americans are the ones that aren’t mixed.

      • ikheenwa says:

        I hate to break it to you sweeties, but African-American is not a race. Think about it. The term African-American is equivocal to using Irish-American, Italian-American, Scottish-American. While there are specific preconceptions about race that are associated with each one of these terms, notice that all of the aforementioned terms describe an ethnicity rather than a race.

      • Superlative1 says:

        Indeed you are write. I hope you got a chance to see my reply to another commenter. There I addressed my perspective on the matter referring to cultural differences.

  2. Superlative1 says:

    But you see, this stems from the I Centered style of American culture. African-American is the PC term for Black people, and I am glad for that distinction for I am not African-American. A black person from Russia can’t be called African-American, nor can a black person from the Caribbean be called African-American.

    • Cruzan says:

      Yes a black person from the Caribbean can be called African American. I’m from the United States Virgin Islands (Born BLACK American Citizen). But I could also be concsider afro Caribbean.

  3. asdf says:

    i asked this girl whats the difference between african american and black people and she said that african americans are africans born in america? that doesn’t even make any sense.. black isn’t even a race. its a word to call someone by their skin color. people only call themselves black because they’re ashamed of africa because they’re stubborn and think its embarrassing to be african. trust me, i know.

    • Jay says:

      I am not ashamed of anything. I am not african american because I was not born in the Africa, my mother, my father, there parents, and there parents. So I how am I ashamed of something I don’t know about. I havent been told about one of our Aunti sisters coming from africa.

      If black is just skin color why do they put black on some application?

    • Tia says:

      No one is ashamed! We call ourselves that because we aren’t only African we are mixed with different things just like the white Americans. We just happen to darker skinned and have different hair texture..and some Black-Americans have fine hair me I take after the Native American side.

  4. Acki3 says:

    Truthfully speaking there is a Huge difference between being African American and Black. The difference is that BLACK is not a RACE it is a color which is the total absence of light. African Americans is origins racial groups of Africa.The term “BLACK” is a label that people give us due to our skin complexion. The reason that some people is darker then other is because them being born with higher melanin than others. Melinin is the insoluble pigments that inside a persons body. So when you call a person “BLACK” figure out why you do it its not because of their “RACE” its because of what you see on the outside. In addition not to you being races but its very ignorant. Stand up for your RACE and not your COLOR!!!!!!

    • Superlative1 says:

      So wait, hold on. If you’re a person of African Descent who has never seen neither Africa nor America, are you still African American?

      • Hermine says:

        No your black people get so caught up on the word black but i think its better than being called colored and your not African American unless your actually African and you were born in America do any of you even know what makes Africans and blacks different???

  5. Proud African American says:

    It is insulting when someone calls me “black”; I say this because look at the definition of “black” in the dictionary, it is regarded as evil, depressing, cheerless, it is insulting to refer to someone as such. Besides, nothing on me is black, my skin nor anything else, the same with most AFRICAN-AMERICANS. I consider my self African-American (though I should be considered American as hard as my ancestors have worked to be equal) because I’am cognizant, respectful, and grateful of the motherland in which civilization began, Africa.

  6. African American says:

    being African American is a very much a sign of respect and being a person of African descent. Being “black” is a shade and is very offensive to me because i am not a shade. i am a human being and being called “black” is cheating a person out of the respect the deserve. If you prefer being called black than fine that is personally you but i prefer African American.

  7. alwaysright101 says:

    there are two types of african americans.

    the good and the bad.

    the good are people like rosa parks, mlk, the little rock nine, you know blacks that had class and were apart of what is a great black culture (BEFORE, rap and hip hop came along).

    then you have the bad ones..aka the gangstas. there are actually less of them than the good…but sadly the media overly focuses on them to make it look like there are alot of them and that all blacks are like that.

    so before you generalize, recognize because there is no difference between blacks and african americans.

    if you come to america. a racist person wont care where you are from. if you are black, in their eyes you are whack.

    all blacks need to stick together…because in the end, a divided race will only cause us to fall. we cant fight against the racism, if we dont stick together.

    racism is still strong out there…..its more hidden but its very strong…the last thing we need is people finding reasons to hate their own race, thinking that if they suck up to a different race they will be accepted (which in reality, they wont).

    • Lady J says:

      All the comments are worth sharing, opinionated & personal but this really sums up a common thread. Whatever we are called or whatever we call ourselves, be proud & stand up for your people. United we stand; divided we fall. Don’t get caught up in the minutia of the discussion; we are wonderful human beings who deserve respect, equality, justice & freedom. Peace Y Love,

  8. Hermine says:

    African American is a nationality not a race you white people.

  9. Get it Straight. says:

    Ok Ok. Reading all of this makes me see that NONE OF YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. none of you are experts. and the white people on this subject just make themselves look stupid and ignorant. ill settle it all. You are only African American if you are African but you were born in America. black people call themselves that but they aren’t. THEY’RE BLACK. you aren’t African American unless your ancestors and everyone you descended from were 100% African, but you were born here. OK get that through your heads. If you are black,then that means that you are mixed with a lot of races like Mongolian or Mexican or German or even part Arab. most black people are completely ignorant to this fact and say ” I’m African American. black offends me” well it should offend the African Americans that you are saying you’re one of them. Seriously people, do you call white people Caucasians -or- European Americans? they aren’t European American. if you still don’t get it give up and live the rest of your life in ignorance to this. by the way im black. my point- Af. Amer. is a nationality. not a country where all the black people come from.wear your black title with pride at least.

  10. amy says:

    Being an african specifically Ethiopian, Im always asked so what do u consider yourself african american or black??.. and to be honest i truely dont know what to say.. ive read all of everyones comments and they all have there points and they all make sense.
    Me I DONT like being called black. if no other race is being called by their color then y should we, reguardless if your “african american” or “african” we have an ethinicity and a background, and the color of our skin isnt incoorperated. for instance we dont go callin hispanic people brown ppl they have an ethnicity and a race and we do it.. asian people are walking around being called yellow, so why should we be called black!!!!.. now african american there can be soo many different terms. africans who are borin and raised in america or people whoms ancestors originated from africa but where slaved to america?? either way tell me would u rather be called black by the color of your skin or by a term that gives u a secure background and not just a color???.. thats all i have to say.

  11. Doc scoggin says:

    Just accept your skin color whatever it may be and get on with your life. You may not want to be called Black or White but you are what you are. Quit making excuses and do something positive with you life and make something of yourself. White people are often called whit crackers, etc. The Jews have a lot more slavery in their history than the blacks. Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about the slavery of sin. Sin is the same as slavery. To whom you yield yourself members to you are the slaves thereof. Grow up and go on with your life.

  12. US news and politics…

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  13. People of Africa are known as black people also Africans. And some of these comments says that the Black American, African American would rather called “Black ” cause they are mixed with some race lol….. some Africans are 105% black…they known as Black people. back on ma point black people in American got a big problem we have not name….

  14. Akkuschrauber Makita…

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  15. Linda says:

    You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually something
    which I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and extremely broad
    for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

    • Superlative1 says:

      Wow I am now seeing this – I feel so terrible for the delay.

      This post was written from a personal perspective. In truth I should have pointed out that not every black person in the world is “African American” and there are many cultural differences. Driving around for fried chicken (for example) is not culturally relevant to blacks in say… Senegal.

      I hope this sheds some light ok my perspective.

  16. you all realise africa is a big ass continent right and its indigenes varies in skin colours, i just winder why egyptians, ethopians Somalians arent called black or african americans, the egyptian- american who was among the the scientist behind the moon travel is never recognised as black/ african-american scientist or in your black history month.
    This shows we especially americans define people in very appalling ways not all africans have dark skins and not all people with dark skins are from africa (india, middle east etc). do w e define people by race or skin colour because chinese should be classified as white and latino should be a demorph. In countires with native ethnicty are based on cultures, and their countries in which the natives span various skin colour. people should be identified based on nationality, continent and culture not on skin colour, because it keeps racism alive

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