The Eye- Two Thumbs WAY Down

New DVDs this week include The Eye, starring Jessica Alba, Alessandro Nivola, and to a lesser extent, Parker Posey. I wanted to see it in the cinema but my hectic schedule wouldn’t allow for it. HOWEVER after just spending the past two days watching it, (yes, 2 days) I am glad I did not waste an evening on that.

Long and short of it- blind chick (Alba) gets eyes from a chick who killed herself because she could see spirits. Dr. dude jeopardizes license minding the now seeing chick and helps her on her 17 minute quest to solve the mystery of the spirit eyes. She then loses her sight again at the end. YAWN. It is a lot more dull than that riveting description I just gave you, believe me.

Don’t buy it, don’t rent it, don’t even download it. Just forget it was made and hope this was one of the set of reels damaged in the fire in Hollywood.


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