Coldplay Vs. Creaky Boards

Well this is kind of sad.

It appears as though the average at best band Coldplay who managed to write a song I actually like “Viva La Vida” which appears as an iTunes commercial may have allegedly stolen their melody and ‘inspiration’ from a less mainstream band called Creaky Boards. I was saying… wow, this isn’t usual Coldplay melodramatic supposed angst ridden music, it’s actually GOOD! It’s called “The Songs I Didn’t Write”… irony at its best. Check the video below and make your own judgments.

Sad. They should get SOME reimbursement. It’s a crime is what that is.


8 Responses to Coldplay Vs. Creaky Boards

  1. cstair says:

    Hmm, it’s slightly similar. If Chris Martin did copy it, i don’t think he did it consciously. Melodies overlap nowadays, it’s hard to write an completely unique pop song. Coldplay is pretty good actually, what do you listen to in lieu of.?

  2. Superlative1 says:

    Maroon 5, their last album was a little more commercial than their previous album but that’s a given since they’re now a huge success… unfortunately their music has no staying power. I fell in love with Coldplay long before the average Joe when I heard Trouble. That album was awesome however they went downhill from their to me and also from quirky to just ‘trying to be cool and new age and different’ and in my opinion if you’re trying so hard it’s just not you and it comes across as cheap. Again, only my opinion.

  3. Kasey says:

    “When you have gone to” and “I used to rule the” are the same pitch, but when you go to “bed”, it goes up. When coldplay has it say “world” it goes down. THat is the only similarity i can see. About 7 beats. Thats all. Five sounds!! What are they worrying about?

  4. Superlative1 says:

    Minor differences such as those ARE significant. Were you a lyricist and a struggling artist when some multimillion dollar band head went to your small venue to hear you play a song that was never released to radio, then heard a modified version of your song, you mightn’t be so quick to trivialize his concerns.

  5. Lucy says:

    If you want the truth about Creaky Boards go to Dan Bernsteins myspace page. I came across it looking for new music and instead found a very interesting blog.

  6. Some guy says:

    Strange…I’ve listened to both songs many times and I still can’t find any similarities at all…

  7. Random Chick says:

    Um…no. There’s a couple notes that are similar, but at the same time, I can point out other songs by other artists that seem even more similar than these two songs, but nobody’s getting all uptight about it. As someone else said, it’s hard to be entirely original with music–there are only so many different chords and musical lines you can use that are both good and original.

  8. Cold Play Lyrics…

    The album has, to date, been the number-one-selling coldplay disc around the world. In the USA, it sold 316,000 discs in its first day, and 720,000 in its first week. In the UK, the album sold 302,074 albums in three days, debuting at #1….

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