The Catwalk TV Series- Barbados

Dear Friend

The Producers of the Catwalk TV Series will be filming the final two scenes for the pilot, at Club NXS in St. Lawrence Gap on Sunday June 29, 2008.

We are inviting you to be an extra on set for the filming of these two scenes. Call-time is 4.00 pm for the main characters and extras should arrive on set by 5.00 pm. We begin with a scene in the car park at 6.30 pm or as soon as outside is dark enough.

The second scene should start filming in the club at 7.30 pm and should last about 3 hours. It will be a live club atmosphere with music and drinks while we film the action involving three characters. There is no cost for admission.

We would be grateful if you could attend and be part of this exciting new television series in the drive to create a local film/television industry. You may also tell any of your friends or relatives whom you think might be interested in attending.

Please be reminded that in keeping with the traditions of the film and television industry, as long as you are on set during filming, you will be required to sign an extra release.

Thanks and Regards
Douglas Newton

To Douglas Newton at 828-9143 or via email at by June 27th, 2008.

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