Superlative1 vs. Random Trick

So I was meeting Maria (pictured in my blog) and Melissa (mutual friend) at Coffee Bean in Hastings for lunch this afternoon. While there I stepped aside to decide what I wanted and came back to order then all of a sudden this young lady wanted to start up now cuz in her eyes I came in after her so she should get to go before me, don’t mind I was with two people who got there JUST before her.

I started ordering and she was like “I’m sorry, who was here first, you or me?” I was like “I was with them” and she goes, “yet you came in after them” so I was like “that’s nice” and finished my order. Then she kept glaring over at our table, so i kept talking about how petty she is and she needs to let it go and when she was right by us ordering i said “You can dress em up but they’ll always be what? Ghetto”

Points to remember:
1) She does not factor into my life nor I in hers, what’s the big deal.

2) She STILL got her food before I did ANYWAY and

3) I’m pretty, I win!

Okay the third point not so mature but nevertheless valid. I wonder if she were at a fine dining restaurant if she would have gotten up and started a brawl with a table who placed their order even though they came in after her.

My only concern was that she was going to shank me in the parking lot like a prison movie…

2 Responses to Superlative1 vs. Random Trick

  1. Monalogy says:

    LMAO RANDOM TRICK!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

    fuh real tho, people does be so ghetto. yeah ur upset about it at first but must it take over? glaring at the table? stupse. silly people.

    but *superlative1* (this is probably futile) but u should have antagonised the girl.

  2. Superlative1 says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to inform the reading public that I was the victim! Simply minding my own business when miss 2 bucks above minimum wage came waltzing in ready to shank me! Hmph, heffa.

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