ACF Fashion Weekend

October 26, 2008

Well I was unable to attend the first day due to unforeseen circumstances but I was able to make it on Sunday, October 26th and had a blast! Here’s what I had to say about the show.  Done on my HTC Wizard during the show.

The second night of the ACF fashion show featured designs from around the Caribbean as well as vocal stylings of local ‘singers’ and was tagged as Caribbean Icons night. The first designer was Millhouse of Trinidad; her designs were men’s casual linen clothes of a pure white nature.
The second designer of the night was a Barbadian designer by the name of Sharon James. Her designs were for the ladies and was a mixture of elegantly casual and cocktail dresses as well as some more formal eveninjg pieces.
Another designer who exhibited both men’s and women’s wear was featured, this time a Barbadian; Ricky  dé Jude whose clothes were also elegantly casual with some business inspired pieces thrown in the mix. The crowd response to the women’s clothes was particularly good.
Carol Cadogan Fox was given the Caribbean Icon Award.
Michelle Cole of Guyana was the fourth and final designer displaying her elegant and flowing gowns as well as some more tailored skirts. This all female collection was the largest, most diverse and best received collection of the evening.
The show was very well attended and the elegant backdrop of Lion Castle Polo Estate created an ambiance that which was simply tasteful and made all the snobs feel right at home lol. It was great, no lie.

ACF Fashion Weekend 2008

October 19, 2008

The 2008 ACF Fashion Weekend Featuring the Barbados Beauty and Fashion Market.

Hosted by:Unique Productions Worldwide LLC at Lion Castle Polo Estate St Thomas, Barbados.
Saturday, October 25 to  Sunday, October 26

“It’s Absolutely the very best in Caribbean Fashion.”

Email: for ticketing info and general queries.

Water World: Barbados

October 14, 2008

Okay so today was an interesting day. To start, I was on temporary assignment from today until Friday, however, on my first day what appeared to be a monsoon hit the island leading to widespread flooding and the subsequent caving in of my office’s ceiling. We’re on the second floor, There are four floors. (Ground floor, our floor, then two more floors for those of you in different schools of thought on that.)

At any rate, they told us to leave 2 hours early at 2:30pm despite the fact that the ceiling incident happened at 11am. At anyy rate, it STILL took me an hour to get home, reason… Let the pics do the talking.

From the Office, to Queens Park, to River Road (ironic isn’t it)

Shontelle: Battle Cry for Obama ’08

October 10, 2008

Shontelle lends her vocals to the Barack Obama Voices of a Grassroots Movement CD. Featured is the song Battle Cry also off of her debut album Shontelligence.

Recommendation for Republican VP Candidate

October 9, 2008

I present to you my recommendation to the Republicans as a replacement vice presidential candidate for Sarah Palin. Yes, a bag of marbles.

Twice as bright and three times as useful.

Sarah Mania!

October 9, 2008

I have kept silent about the race to the White House because I need to get my US Visa renewed lol. At any rate, watch this collection of Sarah Palin’s brightest moments.

Shontelle: The Everyday Celebrity

October 9, 2008

Below is an interview with Universal Motown alum, Shontelle. Superlative1 wishes to thank Shontelle for graciously agreeing to the interview. Originally published April 12th, 2008.

“I’m here watching this picture on National Geographic.” Not the words you expect to hear coming out the mouth of a young singer, on the verge of her album launch, but such is the life of Shontelle Layne- the rising star.

A humid and bright Saturday afternoon, I called Shontelle to see how she was doing and to catch up on the latest happenings in her life. She began telling me about the show she was watching- it was a feature on the infamous 9/11 attacks, which shook the world back in 2001, describing in depth how moved she was by it and how she didn’t know how she would have reacted if she were in that situation. She now lives in New York, so there is always that fear in the back of your mind, the ‘What if…?’ I was pleased she agreed to do the interview without hesitation, and I was even more pleased when I was able to catch her on a lazy afternoon.

“Universal Motown Records was one of the labels I was looking at… there were a handful of them but definitely Universal.” Her voice noticeably lifted when talking about her distribution label, but there was a far more personal investment in the smaller label SRC Records, which crafted her sound and shopped her around to Universal Motown in the first place. The fact that ‘Akon’ was also under that same ‘imprint’ label- the term used to refer to the smaller labels which handle the actual production and artist development which the larger labels no longer do- seemed to please her greatly, apparently she’s a fan. It was at this time I remembered why I wanted to do a face-to-face interview instead of a telephone interview. My telephone beeped, I ignored it as she was mid-sentence talking about her youth, and how she could not see herself doing anything other than music.

“That’s why I went after that American Musical and Dramatic Academy scholarship because if you’re going to do something, you should learn to do it best.” I honestly never heard of the AMDA, so I researched it and discovered she actually won the scholarship, however while in New York, received a call from Evan Rogers from SRP- the man behind Rihanna’s discovery- and decided to take the opportunity that presented itself. What I also never realized was her aunt is Kim Derrick, a local entertainer and she mentioned it was being exposed to the live aspect of music and performing that really inspired her. She was also quick to say when she was younger she wanted to be like her aunty Kim. I was tempted to ask how she felt now that she’s surpassed her aunt, but I felt that question would be inappropriate so I moved on. Besides, my main focus was to find out about Shontelle the girl next door, not Shontelle the potential superstar.

What I found most intriguing was her revelation about her routine in New York- where she is currently based. She told me that she basically does what she was doing when our conversation began. I had to be sure that she really wanted to tell me all she does at the end of a long day is go home to her apartment and watch National Geographic or the Discovery Channel. There was no mistake. I had always imagined the life of a singer to be such a glamorous and exciting life. Fueling my apparent misconception is the recent spate of out-of-control celebrities all over the television, getting arrested, falling down drunk coming out of clubs and bars, and what ever else they get up to. However, Shontelle tells me that type of behaviour is not in keeping with her image or modus operandi.

“I used to party a lot when I was younger… I eventually realized that was a waste of money and I decided I needed to find ways to take the money I had and make it work for me, not simply throw it away.” At this point I was really beginning to see how she has matured in life and in the industry, though she is still yet to release her debut album.

Why I was particularly impressed with Shontelle is because I look up to people in entertainment. Entertainment in all forms inspires me, and entertainers are the most amazing people on the planet. Although it cannot be denied- the fact that a lot of them often mess up on such a phenomenal scale- one has to admit that many times, the amount of good that the majority of their peers does far overshadows the negative that a handful of irresponsible people do. What I also discovered is that Shontelle is quite socially aware and very committed to the (RED) campaign, which seeks to raise funds to stamp out HIV/AIDS in Africa. When I asked her if she had any final words to say to aspiring artists, she simply said, “Keep trying.” Very short but it carries a strong message for anyone who really wants to go after their dream, keep trying.

Pan Yuh

October 8, 2008

So I have been watching this video for two days straight and it never gets old lol. Who are Hotta Claps and Danger? They sound contagious.

It is the tackiest, low budget piece of shit I have ever seen, the singing is awful, the production is worse and the music video is laughable. However, I must give them props for bravery to actually go out there and do something.

How to Fry An Egg

October 7, 2008

Although this person is a Jamaican, I am convinced he is a protege of Barbadian ‘chef’ Peter Edey. For those of you who know who he is, you’ll understand what I mean. Bon Apetite.

Brief Look at Doll Domination

October 7, 2008

Okay this is going to be short.

Initially I hated the album, actually no. I said it was far too average given their previous album. Sophomore curse? Anyway, immediately a couple songs jumped out at me. That war alarm song singing about them wanting to have boobies or something like that, then I gravitated towards Whatchamacallit, nothing off of the bonus jumped out at me. At all.

Then I gave it a few more listens and chose random songs to throw on the good ol’ iPod and my HTC Wizard  to listen to while I was out and about. The songs that really grabbed me were I Hate This Part which is such an acute look at that limbo feeling just as you’re about to break up with someone. Then Taking Over the World was a cool jam, nothing moving but take it as it is. Out of This Club is a good song as well but… it just isn’t moving me like it should, maybe if R. Kelly wasn’t in it, or it didn’t sound so much like Love In This Club by Usher I would have been more impressed.

Magic is another good jam, but Halo really spoke to me, you are who you are and there will be times when people will superimpose what they want you to be over the reality and it’s best to not even hurt your head trying to conform to their wish.

Last but not least is Elevator, another good jam, again, nothing earth shattering, but I mean, shoot, it’s the Pussycat Dolls or as I like to call them, Pussyslut Whores. All love ladies! Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan, but… well…

As for the other a hundred songs on the album/bonus, BOO!

Shontelle’s Birthday!

October 4, 2008

And for those of you interested, Shontelle, singer of T-Shirt which is at number 26 on the Billboard Pop 100 this week also celebrates her birthday today, October 4th.

Here’s wishing her all the best!