Brief Look at Doll Domination

Okay this is going to be short.

Initially I hated the album, actually no. I said it was far too average given their previous album. Sophomore curse? Anyway, immediately a couple songs jumped out at me. That war alarm song singing about them wanting to have boobies or something like that, then I gravitated towards Whatchamacallit, nothing off of the bonus jumped out at me. At all.

Then I gave it a few more listens and chose random songs to throw on the good ol’ iPod and my HTC Wizard  to listen to while I was out and about. The songs that really grabbed me were I Hate This Part which is such an acute look at that limbo feeling just as you’re about to break up with someone. Then Taking Over the World was a cool jam, nothing moving but take it as it is. Out of This Club is a good song as well but… it just isn’t moving me like it should, maybe if R. Kelly wasn’t in it, or it didn’t sound so much like Love In This Club by Usher I would have been more impressed.

Magic is another good jam, but Halo really spoke to me, you are who you are and there will be times when people will superimpose what they want you to be over the reality and it’s best to not even hurt your head trying to conform to their wish.

Last but not least is Elevator, another good jam, again, nothing earth shattering, but I mean, shoot, it’s the Pussycat Dolls or as I like to call them, Pussyslut Whores. All love ladies! Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan, but… well…

As for the other a hundred songs on the album/bonus, BOO!


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