ACF Fashion Weekend

Well I was unable to attend the first day due to unforeseen circumstances but I was able to make it on Sunday, October 26th and had a blast! Here’s what I had to say about the show.  Done on my HTC Wizard during the show.

The second night of the ACF fashion show featured designs from around the Caribbean as well as vocal stylings of local ‘singers’ and was tagged as Caribbean Icons night. The first designer was Millhouse of Trinidad; her designs were men’s casual linen clothes of a pure white nature.
The second designer of the night was a Barbadian designer by the name of Sharon James. Her designs were for the ladies and was a mixture of elegantly casual and cocktail dresses as well as some more formal eveninjg pieces.
Another designer who exhibited both men’s and women’s wear was featured, this time a Barbadian; Ricky  dé Jude whose clothes were also elegantly casual with some business inspired pieces thrown in the mix. The crowd response to the women’s clothes was particularly good.
Carol Cadogan Fox was given the Caribbean Icon Award.
Michelle Cole of Guyana was the fourth and final designer displaying her elegant and flowing gowns as well as some more tailored skirts. This all female collection was the largest, most diverse and best received collection of the evening.
The show was very well attended and the elegant backdrop of Lion Castle Polo Estate created an ambiance that which was simply tasteful and made all the snobs feel right at home lol. It was great, no lie.


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