Superlative1’s 10 Rules of Engagement.

Rules of Engagement.

Rule #1: Always exercise diplomacy even when irate. Example, “Please fuck off.”

Rule #2: When facing an opponent of lesser intellect, don’t try to compete on their level, they’ll always win.

Rule #3: Always be direct in what you’re seeking. Example “Ou est les ho’s?”

Rule #4: When in a situation where “Please fuck off.” is not allowed, adopt less direct tactics. Example: social isolation.

Rule #5: Know your boundaries and let those around you be aware (beware) of them also.

Rule #6: Learn your opponent’s weakness(es) and use them to your advantage.

Rule #7: Know your own weakness(es) and master the art of concealing them from your adversary

Rule #8: Conflict Resolution should always be your first option; the how is totally up to you.

Rule #9: Admit your shortcomings in the face of opposition. Only you can judge you.

Rule #10: I… Always… Win.


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