More Important than Chris Brown Beating Rihanna

So yeah I know all the talk is about how Chompers (Chris Brown) beat up on Rihanna (allegedly) and it was interesting for a hot 10 minutes however, an even GREATER travesty has happened this very day!


Pictured above are my Ralph Lauren sunglasses SKU# 498675 RA4007 which were miraculously disappeared from the ZR Van I was on this evening after a lovely day out. Damned public transport!

Sigh… the only thing worse that could happen is if my iPod were to blow up in my face while listening to it rendering me deaf AND ugly. I feel so naked and vulnerable… my reality filter is gone! WHY ME!!!???

I can’t leave home during the day now, so please make all arrangements to see me during sundown hours.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation during this trying time.


3 Responses to More Important than Chris Brown Beating Rihanna

  1. Sheena says:

    Oh Lord Have Mercy. I heart you

  2. Superlative1 says:

    So now I have to move like a vampire, and don’t think I haven’t contemplated piercing my sunglasses case with two holes to look through and attaching string for behind my ears. Life…

  3. peter says:

    u are a twilight creature then? wish u luck with your shades

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