Is Rihanna Pregnant?

So… this is interesting.

According to via their Youtube account, Rihanna MAY indeed be preggers for Chris Brown and ‘friends’ are speculating that may have had something to do with the alleged assault that transpired last month that had everyone’s tongues wagging. Clip below:

Am I the only one that thinks this or did Miss Kelli Zink look like a permanently startedĀ  cheetah-human hybrid? I’m just saying it’s kind of distracting.

Oh back to the actual report. Um… abortions don’t cost that much, and she’s loaded. And now that I’m on the subject, I might as well air my prejudice. Why is it that the black couples ALWAYS have some drama surrounding them? It’s times like these I admire Denzel and Mrs. Washington and to a lesser extent Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Married, happy, settled, somewhat normal. No drama. Not that marriage is the great equalizer but I mean, they are a normal group of people.
And another thing, why is it ALWAYS domestic violence? Rihanna, Robin Givens, Tina Turner, even Halle Berry (to a lesser extent). It’s depressing.


One Response to Is Rihanna Pregnant?

  1. Miss.Chievous says:

    tsk when will they learn not to go to cedars sinai… its like the celeb death trap… or the paparazzi provoker’s oasis… omg no one cares about me anymore… i know! i’ll dress ordinary and wear big shades and hit up cedars sinai, someone will take a pic of me there!!! (not saying thats what she did, she’s got enough press momentum to sustain her without having to pull stunts liek these… O_O or does she?!)

    lmao at this youtuber’s comment – “How much do you get paid to make this up and where do I send my resume? What school should I go to, what classes do you recommend? Are you paid to make Youtube videos or does this air on TV too?”

    mm love the pic of chris touching ri ri’s tummy lmao.

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