The Charmings

So while going through the usual net surfing Saturday morning afternoon nothing better to do type thing, I came across this little youtube video, the opening theme to a 1980s series called The Charmings. I was hysterical with laughter after I had watched it. I am going to have to hunt the show down to see if I can source it online.


5 Responses to The Charmings

  1. Ian Bourne says:

    I remember this, no snide remarks please, but it lasted as long as a snowball in hell if you have 17 episodes then that’s a lot… If you like this you should look up Mel Brooks’ “When Days Were Rotten” which was a prototype of “Robin Hood: Men In Tights”

  2. Ian Bourne says:

    Of course “Enchanted” follows this theme too, eh?

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