And the African Americans Strike Again

April 30, 2009

This is a very shameful story. Well, shameful to a point, as I am not African American as I like to remind my readers. I am not American in general, so I can’t be African American. Apart from that obvious difference would be that of socialization. This abounding fast food culture of the United States is not something that is as prevelant here in the Caribbean as it is there. Popeyes Chicken isn’t even available in Barbados, which is fine by me, I think it’s average at best.

Making things worse are the reactions to the closure, as though a crime against humanity was committed, talking about they were waiting for this day, a special on chicken. MY GOODNESS!

Announcing the Death of Cell Phone Number 11

April 29, 2009

This is to notify friends, readers, family and all other persons of interest as to the death of Mobile “Gossip Girl Phone” Superlative, on Monday, 27th April, 2009. The 11th in the line of cellular devices which have served me over the years, GGP (HTC Wizard Cingular 8125) will be greatly missed by all whose lives it touched with its full QWERTY keyboard and Touch Screen interface.

Left to mourn is a charger, USB Cable, Installation CD, unsecured WiFi connections throughout Barbados and a contact list which I can no longer retrieve.

Please be advised accordingly.

Yours Respectfully,


Nokia E75 Review on GSM Arena

April 27, 2009

Well, their review is a lot nicer and more informative than mine would ever have been since I still think the phone is ugly so I shall let you read their review or click here to access their site

Nokia E75 review: Business on the slide

GSMArena team, 16 April 2009.

If we can think of one reason to take being told “to mind your own business” with a smile it would be the Nokia Eseries. A household name for enterprise users, it’s hardly a surprise that each E-series update is greeted with plenty of excitement. The Nokia E75 is no exception, even if it doesn’t really put anything new on the table.

Nokia E75 Nokia E75 Nokia E75 Nokia E75
Nokia E75 official photos

The side-sliding QWERTY form factor lands on Symbian turf following a reasonably successful spell on the WinMo side of the yard.

The major novelty of the Nokia E75 is the form factor and we’re about to see if this is enough for it to carve a niche out for itself in a crowded market.

Nokia E75 Nokia E75 Nokia E75
Nokia E75 lifestyle photos

There’s no denying that if a side-sliding QWERTY is good enough for a teenage-targeted music phone (the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic), it must be more than at home in a full-featured business phone. Welcome to the Nokia E75.

Key features

  • 2.4″ 16M-color TFT display of QVGA resolution
  • Four-row side-slide QWERTY keyboard
  • Quad-band GSM and tri-band 3G (with HSDPA) support
  • Symbian OS with S60 3.2 UI
  • 369 MHz ARM11 CPU
  • 3.5mm standard audio jack
  • microSD card slot, 4GB microSD card prebundled
  • 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera with a dedicated shutter key, geotagging and VGA@30fps video recording
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g with UPnP technology
  • Built-in GPS receiver and Nokia Maps with 3 months of free voice-assisted navigation
  • USB and stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) connectivity
  • Steel battery cover
  • FM radio with RDS
  • Remote Wipe functionality
  • Carrier-independent VoIP support
  • Office document editor
  • User-friendly Mode Switch for toggling two homescreen setups
  • Smart dialing

Main disadvantages:

  • Rather expensive at this point (more than 350 euro)
  • Controls around the D-pad are too tiny
  • Mediocre camera performance
  • Fingerprint-prone cheap-looking front
  • Wiggling cheapo camera key
  • Limited battery life (in comparison to the E71)

Even if we leave aside the scores of competing business handsets, the Nokia E75 still faces quite stiff competition from within the E-series range itself. It’s unreasonably close to the E90 as far as pricing is concerned and is quite uncomfortably cloning most of Nokia E71 functionality. The side-sliding QWERTY keyboard and FP2 are pretty much all the E75 has over the E71.

Nokia E75 Nokia E75 Nokia E75 Nokia E75
The Nokia E75 in the comfort of our office

It’s more like an alternative we’re talking here rather than a substantial upgrade. Truth be told, we were pretty impressed with the Nokia E71 and if the E75 matches its performance then there will be no reason to grumble.

Nokia E75 Nokia E75 Nokia E75 Nokia E75
Nokia E75 side by side to Nokia E63

So, if the Nokia E75 is sitting on a fence, then so are we until we’ve taken it down for a test ride and seen what it can do. Let the unboxing begin after the jump.

56 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide in Mall

April 8, 2009

Um… so this is almost as weird as last night’s news story where a pastor was caught stealing from the church and using the money for Botox and Cosmetic Surgery. He apparently had face cancer or skin face cancer or face skin cancer or whatever you call it and used the money to cover up his ailing skin. I suppose I am now supposed to not think he’s a thief. I still do.

Anyway, tonight’s story was of a 56 year old woman who was shopping in a mall with her two small children when she hurled, fling, threw, pelt sheself off the highest balcony in the mall and landed on a 17 year old boy. Now, I will admit to initially cackling out because I thought it was hilarious, however, the boy suffered head injuries so I stopped laughing.

Now, isn’t that some hot mess. Can you imagine shopping for a couch and someone yelling. “You! Move from there! It’s raining cougars!”


Watching ANTM

April 8, 2009

So for those of you who don’t know, my pc is down so I have spent more time watching tv these past couple of weeks than I have in my entire life. Having said that, I must say that I am even more convinced in my previous stance not to be caught up with television.

However, my current issue is with America’s Next Top Model Cycle too many. I hate myself for being addicted to this stuff but such is the nature of things. The joke now is that I didn’t even know the next cycle had begun so I have no idea what happened prior to tonight’s show and I am not even sure I am watching a current episode.

Tonight there are two episodes back to back, the first one was the commercial for Covergirl and some burn victim girl got sent home because she looked as though she was doing a commercial for Coverolderwoman, the other is that ‘yawnisode’ in which they look back. Oh, she just said it was Cycle 12. Good to know, the quality of my life has greatly improved because of it, I am sure.

This shirt I am wearing smells really nice, have to get some of those dryer sheets, they smell so good. Sorry, commercial break started and I inhaled deeply.

Anyways so I looked up and saw the girls when the episode began and was SHOCKED! The girls this cycle are remarkably unstriking. I don’t know how it is even possible. It’s as though they cast the rejects from previous cycles and put them together. Hey, maybe that’s what it is, the ANTM Dog Special. Okay that was mean, but… I’m pretty so I win.

Oh my god, a commercial for the next episode of 90210, bleh…  Tori Spelling. She really has gotten no cuter.


So the bitches (female dogs) are apparently the best that THE most narcissistic woman on earth, Tyra Banks can rake up. I totally lost interest in even writing this post.

Bleh, I’ll watch it next week if I remember.

90210 Is Garbage!

April 8, 2009

So I was updating Twitter while watching 90210 the New Beverly Hills or whatever, and it really hit me halfway through the show- It is utter and complete garbage!

Who really cares about the shrinking violets they call female cast members. The lead girl, what’s her face, is nothing cute. She looks like a weird prepubescent girl in an inappropriate sexual relationship with an older high school guy. However, apart from that really not significant fact, the show has no substance. So in last night’s episode, Brass or Copper or Silver had everyone paranoid that she was ready to jump off the ledge because Token Black didn’t react to the solo porn she filmed for him… (What the hell do highschool kids get up to these days?!)

And then there’s the knocked up college girl? I don’t know, she looks older than everyone else so I figure she works at the school in the cafeteria or something. Wait.. no, she was the druggie thief actress girl. Now, on a point of information, I believe the producers should simply add more cast members instead of trying to incorporate every childhood/teenage issue into 4 people, because in reality, they’d be dead.

Let’s run through the cast:

The Benjamin Button girl that is dating her former friend’s former boyfriend who she had a crush on many a moon ago at some swamp hangout whatchamacallit.

The Spoilt Bitch who is super obnoxious yet strangely normal and not usually involved in the dramz that everyone else seems to get involved in.

The Token Black kid who I think the producers had NO creativity in incorporating a black kid into this lily white inner circle. Yeah… adopted by the now principal, former student of West Beverly High. Funny enough, he is the same age as their natural born daughter. (BB Girl)

The Druggie Thief Actress Soon-to-be Mother who is planning on giving her child up for adoption which I think would be a great idea, seeing as how she is a druggie thief actress high school mother!

Semi-precious Metal who used to be the outsider dating the token black kid, little sister to the guidance counsellor/former student of West Beverly High.

The Jock in Question who apparently just broke up sorta with BBgirl and was dating spoilt bitch before. He really adds nothing to the show but he has muscles so he stays.

I refuse to discuss the adults any further than I did because they just pay the bills as far as the younger cast are concerned. Bleh.

I wonder what will happen next week.

Follow me on Twitter

April 2, 2009

So I have finally given in to the usefulness of Twitter ever since they installed the Twitter Widget for WordPress. It’s useful, reason- sometimes I have thoughts that don’t warrant being full on posts, but I feel the need to share my thoughts and musings. Likewise, since my pc is down (not sure if I mentioned that to you all before but it is) it is particularly difficult to update posts as I would like to, since I have to be using someone else’s system until I get mine up and running again.

To aid in that effort, the Twitter Widget! I am able to update my twitter on my cell and it goes automatically to WordPress, solving my greatest issue, also creating something close to a live blog post when I just hit you with random musings, bringing the blog closer to its origins, Rantings of the Superlative1!

Anyway, follow me on Twitter, RoHareVodka if you want to, or just check back the blog periodically to see what’s happening, what’s on my mind, where I am, where I’m not and who’s ticking me off! 🙂

Countdown to Exodus

April 2, 2009

As that song by Chantal Kraviazuck goes,  “All my bags are packed I’m ready to go…” pretty much echoes my current sentiment as it relates to my zeal for a relocation. Yes the grounded world traveler plans on taking on a greater metropolitan existence.

I have spent a great deal of time contemplating which city to move to, especially from an island such as Barbados. The significance of the origin of the flights stems from two standpoints, one if the confusing and tedious issue of immigration- the ease with which my relocation can be expedited, and the other is that of aesthetics. I mean come on, I come from a holiday destination with multimillion dollar real estate right around the corner. I can’t go from living in ‘paradise’ to surviving a hell of my own choosing. So I need to give it a lot of thought.

So far I have narrowed it down to three countries, Canada, England and the United States of America. However, Canada is clearly my number one pick because currently, it’s the least controversial. As far as cities within, it’s Toronto, New York and London. The least pretentious as well as the cleanest of the three, Toronto comes out on top. Getting back to immigration, it would be easier for me to travel to either Toronto or London without a Visa, whereas for America on a whole, I would need an NIV (Non-Immigrant Visa), a process which can take months in and of itself, is costly and after your wait and expense, there is no guarantee that you will succeed in your application for one. Folly.

So that rules out the U.S.

Next point, England is just… gloomy, whereas Canada is consistent cold snow but it has sun! Now, whereas the sun and I are not friends, if I can see it and not have to be adversely affected by it, that works for me. Also, I have to mention this little fact.  I LOVE COATS! I went visiting the Burling Coat Factory site looking at coats that for obvious reasons would make no sense to be worn in Tropical Barbados.  So to all the nay-sayers telling me how one it’ll be cold, I say “You can put things on to make you warm, you can’t take enough off to make you cool.”

Finally, the issue of job opportunities comes up. Canada really does have an exceptional job market right now, and luckily, I have experience in SO many different areas, finding a job may not prove as difficult as it might be in the shrinking violets of London and New York, save if I were a drug dealer or prostitute, but that’s neither here nor there.

So, as I mentioned, I am working on a strategy of departure and have decided upon the fine city of Toronto. Fund raising efforts to be announced later. Will keep you posted.

Love, or something like it,