56 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide in Mall

Um… so this is almost as weird as last night’s news story where a pastor was caught stealing from the church and using the money for Botox and Cosmetic Surgery. He apparently had face cancer or skin face cancer or face skin cancer or whatever you call it and used the money to cover up his ailing skin. I suppose I am now supposed to not think he’s a thief. I still do.

Anyway, tonight’s story was of a 56 year old woman who was shopping in a mall with her two small children when she hurled, fling, threw, pelt sheself off the highest balcony in the mall and landed on a 17 year old boy. Now, I will admit to initially cackling out because I thought it was hilarious, however, the boy suffered head injuries so I stopped laughing.

Now, isn’t that some hot mess. Can you imagine shopping for a couch and someone yelling. “You! Move from there! It’s raining cougars!”



One Response to 56 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide in Mall

  1. s3 says:

    I should be shame, but this mek me laugh.

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