90210 Is Garbage!

So I was updating Twitter while watching 90210 the New Beverly Hills or whatever, and it really hit me halfway through the show- It is utter and complete garbage!

Who really cares about the shrinking violets they call female cast members. The lead girl, what’s her face, is nothing cute. She looks like a weird prepubescent girl in an inappropriate sexual relationship with an older high school guy. However, apart from that really not significant fact, the show has no substance. So in last night’s episode, Brass or Copper or Silver had everyone paranoid that she was ready to jump off the ledge because Token Black didn’t react to the solo porn she filmed for him… (What the hell do highschool kids get up to these days?!)

And then there’s the knocked up college girl? I don’t know, she looks older than everyone else so I figure she works at the school in the cafeteria or something. Wait.. no, she was the druggie thief actress girl. Now, on a point of information, I believe the producers should simply add more cast members instead of trying to incorporate every childhood/teenage issue into 4 people, because in reality, they’d be dead.

Let’s run through the cast:

The Benjamin Button girl that is dating her former friend’s former boyfriend who she had a crush on many a moon ago at some swamp hangout whatchamacallit.

The Spoilt Bitch who is super obnoxious yet strangely normal and not usually involved in the dramz that everyone else seems to get involved in.

The Token Black kid who I think the producers had NO creativity in incorporating a black kid into this lily white inner circle. Yeah… adopted by the now principal, former student of West Beverly High. Funny enough, he is the same age as their natural born daughter. (BB Girl)

The Druggie Thief Actress Soon-to-be Mother who is planning on giving her child up for adoption which I think would be a great idea, seeing as how she is a druggie thief actress high school mother!

Semi-precious Metal who used to be the outsider dating the token black kid, little sister to the guidance counsellor/former student of West Beverly High.

The Jock in Question who apparently just broke up sorta with BBgirl and was dating spoilt bitch before. He really adds nothing to the show but he has muscles so he stays.

I refuse to discuss the adults any further than I did because they just pay the bills as far as the younger cast are concerned. Bleh.

I wonder what will happen next week.


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