Watching ANTM

So for those of you who don’t know, my pc is down so I have spent more time watching tv these past couple of weeks than I have in my entire life. Having said that, I must say that I am even more convinced in my previous stance not to be caught up with television.

However, my current issue is with America’s Next Top Model Cycle too many. I hate myself for being addicted to this stuff but such is the nature of things. The joke now is that I didn’t even know the next cycle had begun so I have no idea what happened prior to tonight’s show and I am not even sure I am watching a current episode.

Tonight there are two episodes back to back, the first one was the commercial for Covergirl and some burn victim girl got sent home because she looked as though she was doing a commercial for Coverolderwoman, the other is that ‘yawnisode’ in which they look back. Oh, she just said it was Cycle 12. Good to know, the quality of my life has greatly improved because of it, I am sure.

This shirt I am wearing smells really nice, have to get some of those dryer sheets, they smell so good. Sorry, commercial break started and I inhaled deeply.

Anyways so I looked up and saw the girls when the episode began and was SHOCKED! The girls this cycle are remarkably unstriking. I don’t know how it is even possible. It’s as though they cast the rejects from previous cycles and put them together. Hey, maybe that’s what it is, the ANTM Dog Special. Okay that was mean, but… I’m pretty so I win.

Oh my god, a commercial for the next episode of 90210, bleh…  Tori Spelling. She really has gotten no cuter.


So the bitches (female dogs) are apparently the best that THE most narcissistic woman on earth, Tyra Banks can rake up. I totally lost interest in even writing this post.

Bleh, I’ll watch it next week if I remember.


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