AQUA Barbados Closed!

In the most tragic news since the death of Princess Diana of Whales and of the World Trade Center bombings, news reaching the desk of The Superlative1 is that one of the best restaurants in the island, and one of the favourites of all the Superlative1 family has been closed permanently!

It saddens me that the economy has affected fine dining so much that AQUA Restaurant and Lounge has been made the next victim. Also as a result, the next installment of AQUA Del Mar has been canceled, further taking a toll on the nightlife. People need to party in times of recession. It gives people an escape from the pain and troubles of their declining existences. Not to say that ignoring a problem is the solution, but if it’s beyond your control, dwelling and wallowing certainly won’t make a difference.

R.I.P Aqua Barbados, you will be sorely missed.



2 Responses to AQUA Barbados Closed!

  1. MissMalibuRum says:

    Maybe adding a fourth dish to their menu might have helped…just saying! :p

  2. […] AQUA Barbados Closed! « Rantings of the Superlative1R.I.P Aqua Barbados, you will be sorely missed. … entry was posted on Monday, May 4th, 2009 at 10:30 am and is filed under Barbados, Entertainment, Food. […]

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