The Dead Ones (Original Thoughts by the Superlative1)

April 28, 2012

I envy the ones we lost, they have no more pain to speak of no more suffering, or torture.

We live for couture yet thrive without culture. What’s the point in speaking of the future?

Each heartbeat can echo the pain of a slighting, a separation or a departing.

I envy the dead ones.

We celebrate the bullies and silence the noble.

Nobel prizes for suckers, such rhetoric is idle.

A war is waged on a Facebook page.

I envy the dead ones.

A speech in church quells the masses, breaks their spirits, supports the classes.

Grandstanding forever, no substance, no basis, stand up cheer, clap monkeys and asses.

Yet God is our most divisive treasure.

I envy the dead ones.

The Superlative1 Returns!

April 28, 2012

It’s been two years and I should be ashamed of that, but I have been so busy that I have been unable to continue my philanthropic work (because I surely have mad $0 doing this charity) but I felt like I have more to say and more of you to touch and share things with and get feedback from! And with that, I promise that I’m back and ready for the action!