It’s my birthday!

November 25, 2008


It’s my birthday again people and I’d like to thank all my friends and everyone who made it special, especially the corporate people like
dB Clothing Barbados
Clint Gregory Productions
Taboo Events, Taboo Saturdays and Taboo Tuesdays Mardi Gras Style
The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Commerce,
Scarlet Restaurant and Lounge.

Full list of sponsors to come. Thanks again to everyone, here’s wishing everyone a great day, and I drink to you all.


Someone sent me this around midnight. 🙂

The List ’08

November 21, 2008

My birthday, more commonly known as November 25th is Tuesday! (it’s also pay day so there’s no excuse) Thanks everyone that made last year so special.

I now present to you, the List.

+ Colognes: Bvlgari, Givenchy, Dior ‘Fahrenheit’ Gift Set (for Men), Issey Miyake

+ Cash: Always welcome and needed to maintain and improve the blog and yours truly of course.

+ Rent Money: Don’t ask why it’s separate and distinct from ‘Cash’, it just is.

+ Sunglasses: Dior, Prada, Burberry, Vogue, Versace, DKNY & Salvatore Ferragamo

+ Plane Tickets to varying destinations (Open Passage preferred)

+ Assorted Designer Clothing (The Website is just a suggestion)

+ Graphic T’s

+ Membership and passes at Gyms & Spas

+ Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners (November 24th-26th)

+ Digital Camera

+ Cell phone: Whichever latest gadget has the techs moist

+ iPod Touch

+ Laptop

+ Psycho Bunny Cuff links and ties from Saks Fifth Avenue

***Variations to the list are welcome:)***

Hope to see you this year!

Oh for those of you wondering what I’m doing this year since it’s my first year where I won’t have to worry about University, I’ll keep you posted, probably not throwing a big bash, but then again, I may very well be. 🙂

Shontelle’s Birthday!

October 4, 2008

And for those of you interested, Shontelle, singer of T-Shirt which is at number 26 on the Billboard Pop 100 this week also celebrates her birthday today, October 4th.

Here’s wishing her all the best!

The Countdown Is On!

July 17, 2008

Well folks, it’s 4 months until the big birthday bash for Superlative 1. This blog turns 1, and yours truly is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of his 21st Birthday.

For those of you who need a reminder, Click Here for a look at last year’s List of Approved Birthday Gifts. This year the list will be even more exclusive, and more extensive. Start saving kiddies.

Ah… here’s a hint… certain designers have made the list this year that were previously overlooked but the question is, in what category do they appear? Guess you’ll just have to wait to see who made the cut this year, why and how.

I Smell Trouble

December 20, 2007

Uh oh! Looks like someone’s not going to have the regal birthday they’ve planned on having.

Word is that a certain someone is doing a certain something for someone ‘close to them’ which is well intentioned and legal but a bit overzealous to say the least.

Sources close to the situation reveal that the decision was made in haste and it was more executive a decision! The list of attendees may JUST suffer a minus one. I am tickled to no end.

Don’t worry babes, I got your back and your gift.

The Birthday Begins

November 25, 2007


Ah, it’s finally here, the big day. Unfortunately, I shall be spending it working on a book review!

By the way- frig all of you who haven’t wished me happy birthday by now. Unless you were sleeping…

So… what have you all gotten me from The List

The List

November 11, 2007

November 25th is getting closer, it’ll be my birthday soon! Thanks everyone that made last year so special.

I now present to you, the List.

+ Colognes: Bvlgari, Givenchy, Dior ‘Fahrenheit’ Gift Set (for Men)

+ Cash ($50- $1,000) *Over $1,000- Direct Deposit or Transfer*

+ Plane Tickets to varying destinations (Open Passage preferred)

+ Jeans and assorted Designer Clothing

+ Membership and passes at Gyms & Spas

+ Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (November 24th-26th)

+ Cell phone: NokiaE65 etc

+ iPod Touch

+ Laptop

***Variations to the list are welcome:)***

Hope to see you this year!