Barbados Fashion Week 2010

October 21, 2010

Barbados Fashion Week 2010 begins tomorrow, 22nd October and yours truly will be covering the event and chatting with some of the designers.

This year I am very interested in speaking with the younger designers, such as Andrew Harris, AHMW (Andrew Harris Mens Wear) because it is very rare to come across a talented young designer whose primary focus has been on mens clothing. I have a selfish reason for this because I am a man, and as such, I like designers who design for people like me… men.

I have already planned out my wardrobe for the event, and I will hopefully be making contacts for a futureĀ endeavorĀ that I am working on, which I will keep you guys posted on. I have not attended in a couple years and I am really excited to see how the designers have matured and how the event itself has developed.

Barbados Fashion Week 2010: Dress for it! And will I ever!


Sarah Mania!

October 9, 2008

I have kept silent about the race to the White House because I need to get my US Visa renewed lol. At any rate, watch this collection of Sarah Palin’s brightest moments.

Madonna on BET 106 & Park

May 4, 2008

I have to admit that I think BET is the worst thing to happen to television and black people simultaneously, but… 106 & Park was the best because of the hosts. Now that Free and AJ are no longer there they have two young sprats who are uncultured, uneducated and need some good Public Speaking seminars. Anyway this is not about them this is about Madonna! Pop Icon, Style Icon, Kabbalah enthusiast and general old person was on BET giving the most UNINTERESTING interview I have ever watched. I was greatly disappointed.

The fur… the bling…

My god, that must have been the whitest/gayest audience BET has ever had. Well… I should say un-DL’est.