Totally Gratuitous

September 30, 2008

For those of you who remember the post Wedding of the Year *Updated* this little tidbit might prove interesting.

Word has it that the former best friend turned arch nemesis of the Crimson Queen who also got married under somewhat spurious conditions was seen in Harbour Lights on Friday night with her new beau. That’s right, she has a new boy-toy.

Seems the rock solid foundation upon which the marriage was based has mysteriously crumbled like the Arch Cot disaster of last year. I suspect it too was unwittingly built upon a hollow cave’s roof. Our best… good… Our wishes go out with the once giddy couple during this obviously tough time.

Nothing like boys and booze to heal the wounds, isn’t that right Soon-to-be ex Mrs?

The Bachelor Comes to Barbados

March 17, 2008

The Barbados Tourism Authority must be salivating right now.



The Season Finale of the new season of the ABC reality hit series, the Bachelor, which begins tonight has already been shot and wrapped up and I have learned from a reliable source (an insider on the set) that the finale was shot in Rihanna‘s home country of Barbados. Everyone who made it that far had a wonderful time on the island and the decision has been made!

However, I won’t go into how it ended because that just wouldn’t be fair now would it.;)

Gimme More Estelle!

March 5, 2008

Apparently when I find something I like I keep searching…

Faithless fans may appreciate this video I found, it’s trippy yet reminds me of myself a bit lol. Estelle does a good vocal performance to the dance music.

Appears someone informed her she’s a way better singer than rapper.

Wedding of the Year *Updated*

December 24, 2007

Despite not being invited to this glorious occasion, yours truly bears no grudge and wishes the happy couple and their belief systems a long and happy 3 months together.

It was at 9am, when I suspect the pagan gods were aligned or the Buddhist monks asleep. Either way I wouldn’t have been able to attend because <insert excuses here> though I now regret not seeking to be invited! Judging by the looks of things invitations were scarcely given in general…

Click here and not to mention here for the photos to the bestest wedding this year. (giggle)


I hope you all have facebook accounts!