The Annual Drink Fest

December 26, 2007

Ah, the big day is over and for many, it’s back to life as usual. However on this lovely tropical island it’s Boxing Day! Another holiday in the list of many days we have off here and you know what that means? Time for the annual beach drink fest, this year it shall be at Surfer’s Bay.

The ‘event’ features alcohol, white trash, oreos and whoever else thinks going to the beach and drinking is a social occasion. Yours truly was invited by numerous peers and while toying with the idea of going thought it best to remain indoors and sober. While admittingly being a not-so-regular attendee of Harbour Lights, I do go relatively often, however, I am not a fan of the people and see no reason why I should be attending such an ‘uplifting’ event.

Sometimes I just fail to grasp the song “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.” Maybe he was referring to being druink.